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Funny Michael Stories Hahaha

Write Before michael was going to film the pepsie commercial he went to the bathroom and droped his перчатка, перчатки in the tiolet. he screamed when the gardeds rushed to him he toled them what he had done(he was so emmbarees) when they all tryed to find away to get it out michael reached in and grabed it then asked for a hair-dryer

Michael Once Got Drunk On Wine Because he asked what was in it and they сказал(-а) grapes and michael сказал(-а) "i like grapes" he drank 2 hole bottels then threw up everywere

Michael didnt want to do the pepsie cermercial because he didnt like pepsie

Quiency tolled michael that Thriller would only sell 2 million copies (hahaha Ты sure showed him)

Michael nelly canceled the Thriller album because the church threadtened to throw him out if he released it

wait i dont get why his church threatened to throw him out if he released the thriller albumb? LOL
icebabe97 posted Больше года
because of the whole demond and zombie thing
nadiyah posted Больше года
 FluroUndies posted Больше года
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misscupcake97 said:
hahaha he dropped his перчатка, перчатки in the toliet!!that reminds me wen my brother dropped his gameboy in the toilet!!
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posted Больше года 
Lmao My brother dropped his cel in the pool
paloma97ppb posted Больше года
i dropped my dads Золото rolex in the toilet...it was a REAL rolex
idcwatitis posted Больше года
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