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michael jackson had me breathless part8-11

Part Eight
We reached the studio doors, and a golf тележка, корзина sat there idling off to the side. The driver tipped his hat at me in greeting. I smiled back. Michael turned to me and sighed, “Well I uh.. gotta go back in with the guys.” He сказал(-а) pointing his thumb over his shoulder. He leaned in swiftly to Kiss me on the forehead, then disappeared behind the doors. I turned to the golf тележка, корзина just as the driver pulled up to me. “And away we go…” he said, and we rode off towards the house. As soon as I set foot on the threshold, Mark was waiting at the door, looking anxious. “Well hello!” I сказал(-а) cheerfully. He gave me a half smile, then checking around me to make sure I was alone, gently took my elbow and guided me to the kitchen. “How mad was he?” he whispered. “Excuse me? I asked, puzzled. Then it dawned on me, the events of the afternoon “Oh.. that –well…” I decided to tease Mark. I grabbed his shoulders and gave him a frightened look. “He was LIVID!” His face turned pale, “Really?” he sputtered. “I mean I told him I would-“ I patted Mark’s shoulder. “Mark I was joking!” His shoulders sagged, and the color started to return to his face. He swept his chefs кепка, колпачок off his head to mop his hair back. “Whew.. ok good!” His usual smile returned. He walked around to the sink and washed his hands. “Would Ты like me to prepare Ты something, Ты must be hungry…” He eyed me from the sink. I shook my head. “Oh, Mark, that’s really nice of you… but I think I’m going to head on to bed.” His smile faltered, so I felt kind of bad. “Rain check?” I called. His grin reappeared, “You got it miss! Have a good sleep ok?” I gave a little salute. “Will do!” and headed towards the guest room. I looked around the room for the first time. Previously I had dropped my things off in the room quickly and didn’t take notice. But this time I stood and observed. The room seemed to pay homage to Shirley Temple. A life sized mannequ
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