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A desition that changed my life. Part 1

We were backstage when we heared an announcement. "All new members and crew will meet Michael personally so he will decide who is going to be in the bad tour. First metting at 7.We kindly note that Ты will all meet Michael according to your surname.Thank Ты for the cooperation,MJJ productions" "Oh no!" I said. "Why?" сказал(-а) my friend Luana. "My surname ends with a Z! It will take ages!"I answered angrily. "You like him do you?"she said. "Yeah I do.. I always wanted to know him"

Time passed and passed untill it was my turn. When I opened the door..he was sitting on a chair with a file in his hands.. but I didn't mind. The thing is that.. he was in his dressing gown.. and his chest was half open...

Hope you'll like it... I'll make part 2 soon. :))
 Cristina98 posted Больше года
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TEEHEE819 said:
LOL Любовь da part includin da last sentence XD

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posted Больше года 
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