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A desition that changed my life. Part 3

I started playing it. My hands were running.. The гитара started to scream. When I ended.. Michael was speechless. "Are Ты ok?" I said. "Yeah.. it's just.. how do Ты know how to play the гитара so well?" "It's a secret.Ha." "You're a genuis! Ты are one of my favourites. Yes. Ты are perfect!" "Thank you.. Emm.. Michael." "Yes?" "Can Ты give me your autograph please?" "Sure" "Emm..Michael, where's my room?" "Oh yes. Here's the keys.. come with me."

He started walking with me to the room. When we arrived.. he told were the bedroom and the other things were. Before he went he said:" By the way.. beautiful eyes.. i Любовь blue." Our eyes met.. He stared at mine while I stared at his.. then he told me "Goodnight". I told him goodnight aswell and closed the door..
I was happy that night.. I knew it.. I was.. yes.. I was in Любовь with Michael..
 Cristina98 posted Больше года
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