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Michael and the detective went to the police station and someone told them that that was not Madeline's body,it was another girl's body,wth a mask."Seems like they really want Ты to know that she is dead!",the detective said."But why they didn't just killed her!",the other man said.Michael looked at him and nervously said:"If Ты want her dead so much,why don't Ты find her and kill her,huh?!",while grabbing his collar."Michael,please calm down,this won't help us!",the detective сказал(-а) while he released the man from mJ's hands."I'm sorry.",Michael said."It's ok.Now,what are we going to do?",the man asked the detective."I have no idea.But maybe we should go to Diane's house,maybe Michael is right and she knows something".Michael and the detective went to Diane's room,but they couldn't find her.They searched everywhere,she was nowhere.Suddenly,the phone from Diane's room rang and Michael answered:"Hello?"."You know what we want.This time it won't be a joke.".The man hung up and Michael told to the detective:"It was him again.he сказал(-а) that I know what they want and that this time it won't be a joke."."Let's go back tp your room.".They went back and some people went and put a device at MJ's phone,so they can detect the place from where the man calls.When the man called and told Michael where to leave the money,he сказал(-а) he has them.Again,it was Chinatown.They found out it called from a place near by the zoo.When they went there,Michael,the detective,and a the police mans,they saw another van.michael had to go and give them the money,which were false,and take madeline.it was night.When they saw Michael,they sent a man to take the money.After that,they released Madeline from her chair.She was awaken and she started to run to Michael's arms.When she was close by him,the man shooted a bullet to Madeline,But,as soon as Michael saw the gun he ran to madeline,and he pulled her out of the way,but he didn't had time to save himself.The bullet hit him in his heart.The police mans caught the kidnappers and took them to the station,while Michael was in an скорая помощь going to the hospital.Madeline held his hand all the way and told him that everything is going to be all right.When they arrived,the doctors сказал(-а) that he might not survive.Because the bullet was deep in his heart.Normally,it would have killed him.But they'll try their best to save him.When the operation ended,the doctors came out and said:"I'm sorry.".When she heard that,Madeline fell down and cried and screamed :"Why?...Oh,God,why?...Why did you...Why didn't Ты killed me instead?...Why him?...Oh,God,why?...Why?...".She suddenly said:"I want to see him.Can I?Please!I need to see him!Right now!"."Yes,of course.",the doctor said.Madeline went into the room and found Michael dead.She came close to him and whispered:"I forgive you!I Любовь you!",then kissed Michael and hugged him.Whe she put her head on his chest,she felt something.It was like he was breathing!She looked and saw that the device that was which was supervising Michael's сердце was Показ that he was breathing,even though before it showed that he was not.And when she looked at him,he suddenly opened his eyes slowly and smiled a bit,then put his arm around her neck and pulled her to his chest.Madeline was shocked.Michael told her:"What...happened?"."You died!",she сказал(-а) amazed and scared."What?But I'm still here!",he сказал(-а) surprised."But Ты were not 5 минуты ago!",she сказал(-а) raising her head to watch his face."You were dead!That is what the doctors said,that is what the device that supervise your сердце said!"."Well,all I can remember was that someone tried to shoot Ты so I tried to save Ты and the bullet hit me!That's all I can remember!",Michael сказал(-а) surprised.He could not believe that a few минуты назад he was dead!But he didn't cared.H heard Madeline saying those words and he felt like his whole world was brighter than ever!"So,you forgive me?",Michael asked."Yes!But how did you...I mean,you were dead!How could Ты possibly hear me?"."i don't know!I just heard you!Maybe that's why I woke up!".Madeline looked at Michael and started crying.Michael hugged her and she cried for 20 minutes,then she fell asleep in his arms.The detective took her home.
Далее day,Madeline woke up and found Michael in her livingroom.As soon as she saw him she ran to him and he got up and they hugged and kissed like they never did!"God,is so good to be in your arms!",Michael сказал(-а) as they stopped kissing."I missed Ты so much!",he said."I missed Ты too,Michael!",she said.Then she raised her head to look in his eyes and said:"I Любовь you!".Michael said:"I Любовь Ты too!".Then they hugged and sat on the couch.They talked and laughed and in the end,Madeline had a душ and got dressed and they went outside to walk.They were so happy to have eachother back again!And Michael was so happy to know that those kidnappers were caught.But the bad news came.Michael was called to the police station with Madeline.They went there ans found the detective very seriously looking out through the window."What is it?",Michael asked him."Diane is missing,Michael.",the detective said.Then he turned back to him and said:"We can't find her.All the mans we caught confirmed that she was the leader.Michael,Madeline must stay locked in a special appartment supervised by our people until we find her.So Michael,you must decide now:do Ты want to stay there with her and be locked for days или do Ты want to continue your tour?"."I will stay with her!",Michael сказал(-а) without to hesitate."Michael,think about your concerts?And your fans?What if we have to stay there for months?What about your family?",Madeline asked him worried."I will announce your family and your crew,don't worry about that.But if Ты go in,you can never get out until we catch her.Do Ты understand that?"."Yes,I do!And my decision is to stay with Madeline!"."Very well,then.",the detective said.He took them to a appartmet which was prepared by them for such cases and Michael and Madeline looked once again at the sky.Then they went inside and they discovered they were alone."Where is everyone?",Michael asked."They are in another appartment,next to yours and outside.They don't have to come here inside,they're hidden in the right places so they can see all that happends outside,who comes,who leaves and there's someone that will stay in front of your door smoking to check everybody who comes in all the time.So,you 2 can have a lovely life inside this box together,all alone.Unless Diane shows up.Now,I'm leaving.Don't touch the door или the windows.Ok?"."Ok.Goodbye!"."Goodbye!".So Madeline and Michael installed in the appartment and ate the ужин later.After that,they were sleepy at 9 p.m. so they went to the bedroom.But there was only one bed,so Michael slept on the couch.But that night he heard a scream from the bedroom and he woke up and went to see what was going on.He found that there was a мышь in Madeline's bed.Michael started laughing."Why are Ты laughing?!Take it our of here!",Madelina was screaming.He took it and locked it in a little box,because he was not allowed to use the windows или the doors.Then,he went back to Madeline and she was shaking.He hugged her and asked her:"Why are Ты shaking?It's just a little mouse!And it is locked now!Come on,sit down and relax."."I am tired now,I want to go to sleep.",she said."Ok.Goodnight!"."Goodnight,Michael!".But after 20 минуты she came to him and woke him up."Michael,I'm scared.Could Ты come and sleep in the bedroom,please?"."Madeline,I can't,There's only a bed."."We can sleep in the same bed,it's not like we're doing something,right?"."Ok.".Michael got up frm the диван, мягкий уголок and they went in the bedroom.Michael and Madeline were sitting face to face in that small bed.Madeline came close to him and he hugged her.Before they realized,they were kissing.And those kissings became еще and еще deep and passionate.Their mouths were like 2 magnets:once they touched,they can not be separated.And before they knew,they were completely naked under the blanket that was covering them.They made Любовь and after that they fell asleep in each others arms.
Далее day,Madeline woke up smiling and she was the happiest woman in the entire world!That was the first time she slept with someone and it was so wonderful!Michael woke up then and kissed her for good morning.After that,Madeline said:"Let me go,I have to make a душ and dress up."."Why?You are not going to work today.Actually,you are not going anywhere!We're locked in here,remember?"."Yes but I really want to have that душ and get ready,maybe they found Diane."."There's any way to convince Ты to stay here with me?"."No."."Then,I'll come with you!Would Ты like some company?",he asked her and blinked.She went to him and grabbed his hand and pulled him into the shower.There they washed each other and made Любовь once again.After that,Michael and Madeline had breakfast."Listen,Madeline.About last night,I hope I didn't hurt you!"."No,you didnt.It was exactly the way it should be:perfect!"."For me too!".Then,someone came in.It was the detective."I have some good news.We found Diane.She was right here in town.She confessed everything and now she will go to prison for a long time.So Ты 2 can get out of here and enjoy your lives!Have a nice day!"."Thank Ты so much,detective!".Michael said. shaking his hand."We really appreciate what Ты have done for us!",Madeline said."I'm just doing my duty!Goodbye!Maybe we'll meet again someday!".The detective got out and Madeline and Michael hugged and kissed and went back to Madeline's house.There,they spent the rest of the день with Alexandra and Madeline's grandmother.At night,Michael went to sleep with Madeline.But he didn't took his clothes off and went to bed,he told her to come to him."What is it?".He extracted soemthing from his pocket and gave it to Madeline.She looked inside the little box and saw a ring.She looked at Michael and he said:"Do Ты want?",smiling.She hugged him and kissed him and said:"Yes!".And then he put the ring on her finger and kissed her.
In 6 years,Madeline gave Michael 16 children,8 girls and 8 boys,most of them twins.And they lived happily ever after!

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