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posted by MJlover101
Rosabel reluctantly followed Matron Helen into the cold, stone cellar at the bottom of the orphanage. The only things in the cellar were a few chairs, a cupboard and a small table. Rosabel glanced quickly at the thick steel rod into Matron Helen's hand then kept her eyes on her socks. She knew what was coming. Suddenly, she felt a fat hand twist her arm and a секунда later she felt the cold sting of the metal rod smacking her skin. It happened nineteen еще times and each time Rosabel screamed for help, even though she was sure that no one could hear her. Eventually, Matron Helen stopped beating Rosabel and left her alone with the door locked, sobbing hard in the corner of the room.

Meanwhile, upsatirs all the other children were finishing their chores early and gtting ready for Michael's visit.
"Alright, everyone into the living room and stay put!" Matron Hazel yelled.
While the children filed into the living room, Matron Hazel told the other Matrons about the fight that Rosabel had gotten into and that they shouldn't go looking for her. Suddenly there was a knock at the old front door. Audible whispers of excitement came from the living room. Matron Isabelle rushed to the door and opened it to a man with curly shoulder length black hair, fair skin and big, deep brown eyes. He was surrounded by about 5 people holding cameras.
"Mr Jackson!" Matron Isabelle exclaimed. "Come in, the children are waiting."
"Thank you." Michael said, stepping into the orphanage.
Matron Isabelle led Michael into the living room where nearly all of the children screamed how much they loved him as soon as he appeared at the door. Michael smiled and sat down on the small sofa in front of all the children and cameras. Suddenly a small girl with red hair ran вперед and sat down Далее to Michael. Then a little boy did the same. Eventually all the children had tried to get a place as close to Michael as possible.
"Erm, Mr Jackson?" Matron Isabellle said.
"Please, call me Michael." Michael сказал(-а) with another smile.
"Well okay then, Michael, the children here made this gift for you."
She handed him a small brown parcel tied with white string. Michael examined it for a moment then opened it and found himself holding a scrapbook. On it the first page it said:

Dear Micahel,

The children here made Ты this scrapbook as a gift to remember us by since we don't get many visitors. All the staff and children here Любовь Ты very much.

From the staff and children at All Smiles Orphanage

Michael flipped through the pages and saw pictures of the children and poems and letters for him. In the pictures he noticed a little blonde girl that he didn't see sitting in front of him. He reckoned she had already been adopted though. After Michael had finished looking through the scrapbook he took a picture with each of the children and one with the staff then started to get ready to leave.
"Thank Ты very much for my scrapbook." He сказал(-а) when he was by the front door and with that Michael and the photographers left.
When the front door closed all the children immediately started talking to each other about their encounter with the King Of Pop. Except one. Harvey was sitting in the corner of the room, feeling lonely and sad. He was sad because Rosabel had missed Michael's visit and he knew how upset she'd be.

Suddenly, he got an idea. Harvey checked to see if anybody was looking, then ran into the hallway and out the front door. Across the street, he saw Michael just about to get into his car.
"Michael!" Harvey yelled. "Michael, come back!"
Michael turned around and saw Harvey waving at him from across the street. Michael looked left and right then quickly ran across the улица, уличный to Harvey.
"Are Ты okay?" He asked.
"Michael, Ты need to come back."
"You haven't met my best friend yet. She's the one who loves Ты the most out of all of us."
"Yes, will Ты come back?"
Michael paused for a moment then agreed to go with Harvey.
Harvey led Michael to the back of the house where they entered through the back door and went down to the cellar.
"The keys must be here somewhere." Harvey muttered once they were at the cellar door.
"Are they these ones?" Michael asked, pointing a bunch of keys hanging on a hook close to the ceiling.
"Yes they are, but how are we going to get them?"
"Get on my shoulders." Michael сказал(-а) after a moment of thinking.
"Are Ты sure?"
"Sure, don't worry about it."
Michael got down on his hands and knees and Harvey put his legs around his shoulders, then Michael slowly stood up.
"Can Ты reach them?" Michael asked.
"Almost, Переместить a little to the left." Harvey replied.
"How about now?"
"I got it!" Harvey exclaimed.
Michael put Harvey back on the floor and let him unlock the door. When the door was open, the two of the them walked into the cold room to find a little girl's body lying in a heap in the corner.
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