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The following morning
Ashley's alarm went off and she got up. She turned it off and stretched. She looked on her nightstand and saw a Captain stripe. She got her iron out and her куртка and ironed it onto the jacket's sleeves. Once the stripes were ironed on, she got dressed and went out of her room and knocked on Michael's door.
"Michael, wake up!" She said.
Michael and Ashley have this routine. Every other day, they switch on who wakes up who. Today, it was Ashley's turn. She always awaits the days she wakes Michael up. Main reason is because she finds new ways to wake him up. Commander Bog knew it and would allow them to enter each other's rooms if they don't wake up. After about 10 minutes, she decided to head into his room...with a super soaker behind her back. She prepped her super soaker and quietly went into Michael's bedroom. She chuckled and hid on the other side of his bed. She watched and waited for Michael to turn toward her.
'Come on, Mike...turn...' she thought.
Soon enough, Michael turned and she got her super soaker ready. She pulled the trigger and squirted his face. He coughed and she ducked. Michael sat up and grabbed a hand towel and wiped his face. Soon enough, he felt water hitting his back. He turned to not see anyone, but he heard chuckling.
"Ash?" Michael muttered.
Ashley was laying on the floor, chuckling. Michael crawled over the постель, кровати and saw her. Michael shook his head and poked her.
"Ash, quit laughing. I'm up now." He told her, sitting up on the bed, sitting cross-legged.
Ashley got up and smiled at him.
"You know I couldn't resist, Mike."
"I know, I know."
Ashley went to the living room so Michael could change. Today was their день off because Ashley had to pack for her mission. Plus, this was her last день to play around with Michael. She decided to make this день memorable...by taking Michael to Neverland. She remembered when she was 12 and he and his family first moved to California. He had told her that he's always wanted to go to Disneyland, but never got a chance to because of how strict his father was. After about 5 минуты later, Michael came out and they headed to her car. Once they got in Ashley's car, she drove off.
"Where are we headed?" Michael asked, a bit excited.
Ashley smiled at Michael.
"That's a surprise, Michael."
Michael pouted and Ashley chuckled. After 30 minutes, they arrived at their destination. Ashley parked the car and blindfolded Michael.
"Hey! What's this for, Ash?"
"It's a surprise, Mike. Heehee."
Ashley got out of the car and helped Michael out. She led him up to the gate.
"Ready, Michael?"
Ashley took his blindfold off and he looked where they were. His eyes went wide and he turned to Ashley with a shocked face.
"Disneyland?! Ты remembered!"
"Of course I remembered, Mike. Now let's go have some fun!"
They ran inside Disneyland and started with the rides. They were gonna have a full день of fun. Thing is...Ashley was to leave for her mission tonight at 8pm.
After a few hours
It was almost 6pm and they had a blast. They took pictures, played games, went through a museum of Walt Disney's artistic drawings and sculptures, and even watched Дисней movies. Today was definitely memorable for Ashley. They headed back to her car.
"Thanks for today, Ash. This was the most fun time I've ever had." Michael сказал(-а) with a smile.
Ashley smiled back at him. "It was no trouble at all, Mike. Now let's get back to base before the commander worries." Ashley said.
Michael nodded and they got in the car and drove back to base.
Returning to base
Michael gave Ashley a hug before he went into his room. Once he got into his room, Ashley opened her door and walked in. She went to her bedroom and started packing. Once she finished, she headed to her spaceship and saw Commander Bog. She saluted him and walked into the spaceship. After a few minutes, she took off.
"Oh, I hope he'll be alright." She muttered to herself while flying the ship.
Soon enough, Commander Bog called in.
"Captain Aikaterina, everything alright so far?" He asked.
"Everything's alright so far, Commander Bog. Nothing went wrong yet, sir."
Suddenly, her ship got hit.
"Oh crud! Asteroids!"
"Uh, those aren't asteroids, Captain Aikaterina. Those are other ships."
"Well, where's Captain EO? Didn't Ты tell me that he was gonna back me up?"
"About that...he's not on this mission. This is a solo mission."
"Good luck."
"Wait, Commander Bog! I-"
Then his call ended.
'Oh great...' she thought.
Soon enough, she was pulled into a planet...planet Moonstar. She remembered this planet. She was the original Queen of this planet, then her sister took over. It's all gone down холм, хилл from there...
 Michael sees Diane watching his every Переместить :)
Michael sees Diane watching his every move :)
"Ok everyone places, we begin in 5...4...3...2..1 ok smooth criminal dance scene take 1 and action!" Michael and Alicia began to dance to the song "Smooth Criminal". As michael danced he glaced over to see Diane watching his every move, she wouldnt take her eyes off of him. Alicia also noticed this, but kept on dancing. Finally after about 5 takes, it was time for their 1 час break. "Ok everyone 1 час break, be back on this set at 12:30pm sharp!" The director called as he made his way off set back to his trailer. Michael walked offset to the cast breakroom which was off the main set. Just...
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"Thriller" is a song by Michael Jackson, released on November 30, 1982 by Epic Records and written by Rod Temperton, he originally wanted to call it "Starlight" или "Midnight Man" but settled on "Thriller" because he felt the name had merchandising potential and wanting a notable person to recite the closing lyrics, Jones brought in actor Vincent Price who was an acquaintance of Jones' wife, who completed his part in just two takes. Temperton wrote the spoken portion in a taxi on the way to the recording studio. Jones and Temperton сказал(-а) that some recordings were left off the final cut because...
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His first goal in life must have been to own a Конфеты store because he loved to play storekeeper. After Joe began giving him and his brothers a weekly allowance, he would spend every cent of it on Конфеты and gum. He’d come Главная with an armful of it, take a board and two bricks and place them in the doorway to the boys’ bedroom, place a cloth over the board, lay the Конфеты on вверх of it, and sell it to his brothers and sisters and Друзья for the same price he’d paid for it.

Michael was also a serious candy-eater and gum-chewer. Before he opened his “store,” he’d save his pennies so that he could purchase bubble gum at the concession stand at the Little League ball park behind our house. One night, however, he couldn’t find his penny for gum and he was so upset he started crying. “Mother, do Ты know what happened to my penny?” he asked. I knew the answer when I saw Marlon @Marlon_Jackson happily chewing away on a wad of bubble gum nearby.
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19 год old жасмин woke up on Monday morning having no idea what was going to happen the Далее couple of days.She looked at the clocked and relized it was only 6:30.T hen looked out onto her her Главная New york City.She decided to back to постель, кровати but she couldn’t fall asleep no matter what she did..she just had a feeling something GREAT was bout to happen she just didn’t know what though.Finally she fell asleep but a few минуты later her parents woke her up :parents:HONEY WAKE UP WE HAVE GOOD NEWS
:Jasmine:really? What is it? :parents: your going to California..your going to stay with your aunt...
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Exclusive Interview: Dr. Freeze found the Название of an unpublished ...
Here is the result of the exclusive interview of Elliott Straits best known under the name of Dr. Freeze, producer of "Break Of Dawn" (Invincible), "A Place With No Name" или "Blue Gangsta".

Dr. Freeze has worked in the studio with Michael Jackson and book in an exclusive interview very interesting news just for you. And enter еще deeply into the secret recordings of the King of Pop when he discovered this three-part interview. секунда part today titled: Dr. Freeze found the Название of an unpublished ...

Quagmire: As I...
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 This is how Michael "should've" evolved.
This is how Michael "should've" evolved.
Our sin, is in the fact that we only saw или wanted to see what "we" created -a persona, and not, a "person". Michael Jackson was a pure, gifted, and deeply caring MAN who, at the end of the day.. had certain "ailments"..."feelings"..."hopes"...and need for "love" (just like the rest of us). HOW DARE WE JUDGE HIM.

I am a black female, 37, and loyal Michael Jackson Фан who's 'heartbroken'. Just "sick" with emotion and disbelief over what appears to be the most evident TRUTH regarding "who" MJ was.

We can't allow this secret to stay undisclosed. For "MICHAEL", we have to set the record straight...
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Does this sound like Mike to anyone else? Some say its not him. Some say it is.
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