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A месяц has now gone by and michael is pretty much healed. Him and Tatianna are house hunting, also Tatianna has enrolled in college and plans to become a nurse.

"So which house do Ты think we should get?" Tatianna asked as they sat before her mothers coffee таблица which had pictures of three houses spread across it. " I dont know....they are all great and under our budget, so im having just as much trouble deciding just like you." Michael replied. "Still trying to figure out what house you're going to get?" Tatianna's father asked. "Sadly yes." Tatianna sighed. "Well maybe i can help Ты guys out...now Переместить over." Tatianna's father then sat right in between her and michael. "So lets start off by saying which house is smaller." ,"That one" Tatianna сказал(-а) as she pointed to a picture of a red brick home. "And what makes it so small?" her father asked. "It only has two bedrooms." Michael answered. "Okay so Ты guys can disregard tha one." Tatianna's father took the picture and then threw it over his shoulder. "Okay your down to two homes, out of the two which one is the biggest and has the most room?" , "This one is the biggest." Michael replied pointing to the picture of a 2 story civil war era white home. "Well there Ты go...problem solved." Tatianna's father smiled and then got up and walked off. Michael glanced at the picture please. "Not bad." Michael replied.

Another two months have passed, Michael and Tatianna have just moved into their new home. Michael has gone back to work. On this night michael has just taken Tatianna out for a nice dinner. They have just made it home.....Little does tatianna know michael has a big surprise for her.......

" Tatianna come out onto the back porch with me." Michael called out to Tatianna. "Just a минута let me get out of these heels." Tatianna called back. Michael sat and waited on the back porch. "Okay im here...now what are we out here for?" Tatianna asked. "Look down in the yard." Michael said. "What? Why?" , "Just do it please." Michael replied. Tatianna did what michael told her. Just then these small lawn lights kicked on and they spelled out "Tatianna Will Ты Marry Me?" Tatianna turned around and jumped into michael's arms and kissed him. "You know Ты didnt answer my question." Michael smiled. "Yes" Tatianna сказал(-а) as she kissed him again.

7 months have gone by and it is the день of Michael and Tatianna's wedding. Tatianna is getting ready to walk down the aslie.......

Tatianna felt her сердце beat faster and faster when the bridal march began to play. In all her life she never imagined she would be marrying the most amazing man in the world. Espeacially during her time on the улица, уличный she never thought someone like michael would take her in, let alone fall in Любовь with her. "Are Ты ready?" her father asked as he took her arm. "Yes im ready." Tatianna replied with a smile. Just then the doors opened and Tatianna began to make her way down the asile toward michael who was smiling at her. Once she arrived at the alter, the priest read the passages from the bible. Then it was time for them to say their vows. Michael сказал(-а) his first. "Who would have thought that a woman i barely knew, a woman who i saved from the horriable life of living on the street, would end up being the Любовь of my life. Tatianna thinking back on that rainy день when i happened to see those men hurting you, i couldnt just drive past and act as if i didnt see it, something inside me told me i shouldnt just leave Ты there. Because if i hadnt have done it, if Ты were put in a hospital или possiably killed i wouldnt be able to live with myself. Tatianna i Любовь Ты еще than anything in this whole world and i thank god everyday for helping me find you." Everyone aww'ed , now it was Tatianna's turn "Where do i start....its just so overwhelming to be standing in front of you, because while i was living out on the street...selling my body and drugs." Tatianna began to cry a little. "I felt lost, i had already Остаться в живых alot, i never thought i would even live to see my wedding day, i never thought a man like Ты would fall for me. I so thanful for god leading Ты to me...and im thankful for Ты michael because when i was Остаться в живых .....you found me." Tatianna sniffled. By now michael was crying too. Then the priest had them exchange rings and finally he said. "I now pronouce Ты husband and wife Ты may Kiss the bride." Michael gentley grabbed Tatianna's face and kisssed her.

Afterward, it was off to the reception. Everyone sat down at their tables. Everyone was getting ready for dinner, and toast. The first to make a тост was Tatianna's father. "I'd like to make a toast...welcoming my daughter Главная after being gone for 8 years and not only coming back but she came back with a good man by her side, heres to the newlyweds." everyone took a sip of their champagne. Lastly both michael and Tatianna stood up. "Thank Ты everyone, we are glad Ты were able to make it here tonight....me and michael have a surprise for all of you." Tatianna replied happily. "Are Ты sure Ты want to tell them now?" Michael asked. Tatianna nodded. "Well...we're waiting." Tatianna's mother сказал(-а) impatiently. "We're pregnet!" Tatianna exclaimed happliy. Tatianna's father fainted and everyone let out a surprise shriek. "Oh my goodness is he alright?" Michael asked. "h he's fine...he's just really happy thats all." Tatianna's mother said. Just then Tatianna's father came to, "What happened?" he asked. "Tatianna сказал(-а) Ты were going to be a grandfather and Ты fainted." Tatianna's mother answered. "ohhhh....." her father mouned. "Oh shut up at least she wait til after they were married to tell us." Tatianna's mother replied. Everyone just laughed....................................

Tatianna's father of course recovered and was overjoyed to become a grandpa. 9 months later Michael and Tatianna welcome a set of triplets two girls and one boy, Ariel, alyiah and Michael jr...............

The end :)
Hope everyone enjoyed this fantasy!!!!!
p.s- i thought this baby picture of triplets was cute :) <3
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 The fortune teller
The fortune teller
After eight hours on the job I finally could go back home! And that is exactly what I did, I grabed my stuff and high tailed it out of there. I got on my bike and headed Главная and when I got there no one was home. I thought this is great I don't have to hear anybody complain, или fight! I got a душ to get the dirt and grim off of me from work and I got ready. When I got dressed I put on a pair of jeans, flats, and a Michael t рубашка and I was ready. It was now 6:55 P.M. I knew I wasn't going to be late because the carnival was only four miles from our house. I headed out towards my bike but...
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Another 4 weeks go by and Diane and michael are heading to the OBG/YN for another checkup and ultrasound.......

"I see someones really showing." the doctor replied as Diane and michael walked in. "Yeah im pretty big for almost being 3 months." Diane replied. "We think it might be twins." Michael said. "Well i highly doubt it, if Ты guys were having twins i would have told Ты guys and we would have seen it on the ultrasound, from what i saw its only one, its probably going to be a big baby." the doctor replied. The Doctor then began the ultrasound and sure enough there was only one baby,...
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she was such a beauty her long dark brown hair,her exotic color of skin, her light brown eyes, and her beautiful smile. It has now been two weeks since lextina has moved in with me she is really a nice person and she has kept her word, she is looking for a job everyday. A little luck here no luck there,

I really feel for her. I just haven't really had time to help even though I really want to it's in my nature to help , my mother always helped people and I got that from her she taught me it's always better to give then to receive. But I wanted to help lextina but Quincy is keeping me in the...
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There’s a ghost down in the hall
There’s a ghoul upon the bed
There’s something in the walls
There’s blood up on the stairs
And it’s floating through the room
And there’s nothing I can see
And I know this blessed tune
Because now it’s hunting me

I don’t understand it, hey
I don’t understand it, ow

There’s a thumping in the floor
There’s a creak behind the door
There’s a rocking in the chair
But there’s no one sitting there
There’s a ghostly smell around
But nobody to be found
And a coffin inlay open
Where a restless soul spoken

I don’t understand it, hey
(Got a ghosts gotta break...
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He shoots out a sliver ball of lighting out from his hand and into the fireplace and a small thunder rumble appeared out of nowhere. He shoots another sliver lighting ball from his hand into the свинг, качели doors. He turned around and his eyes were glowing sliver, which freaked them out. He snapped his fingers and his eyes returned to normal. He smirks sinisterly.
Disgusted, Mayor Sneddon said, “You take freak to a whole new level!” He felt something taps his should and as he turned, it was a grotesque ghost in rags, disfigured juxtaposition, which freaked them out.
And еще of them were coming...
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This is the last song they performed during a концерт on the Victory Tour.... this performance is SO hot & amazing <33
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