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Later That Night
Janelle spent about an hour, trying to get Coraline to sleep by telling her stories of Peter Pan and Pinocchio. Now, Coraline was a curious child and she often asked her mother about her life as a child. Janelle told her that she did have to wear a mask, just like the one Coraline would always wear, as a child up until she was 10. Her mother didn't want her to be known at such a young age. She сказал(-а) that it was Elizabeth who convinced her to stop wearing the mask.
"Really? Great Aunt Liz had Ты stop?" Coraline asked.
Janelle nodded. "That's correct, sweetheart. She told me that being famous would be fun, depending on what I would do." She said.
Janelle had to be straightforward with her daughter. She, other than her aunt, was her only family left. Her father, Howard, disowned her, her mother had died almost 11 years ago...she now only has Coraline and Elizabeth. She looked at Coraline and saw that she fell asleep. Janelle got up, tucked her in and kissed her head.
"Goodnight, Coraline. Sweet dreams."
She walked toward the door, turned to Coraline, turned the light off, seeing her nightlight go on and exited her room. She walked down the hallway to her own room and started thinking.
'Who does she look like? Aunt Liz сказал(-а) that she has pictures of her and Michael Jackson in an album somewhere...I'll look for it later. Right now, I'm tired.' She thought, entering her room.
She went up to her dresser and pulled out a t-shirt, shorts and undergarments and went to the bathroom to shower, thinking of where to look first for that фото album Aunt Liz has.
After Her Shower
She walked out of her bathroom, walked up to her постель, кровати and soon laid down. She pulled a blanket over herself and got to thinking again.
'I can't believe that in 2 weeks...I'll be 21. God, the years just flew by like that.' She thought.
She closed her eyes and sighed. "I hope something good happens on или after my birthday." She muttered.
She wasn't one for thinking things like that, but since her Актёрское искусство career had taken off because of Aunt Liz's help, she couldn't wait to see what would happen. Then, she soon fell asleep.
She started having a dream where she and her step-brother, Ryan were playing outside with Coraline and she and her daughter met Michael Jackson for the first time. Ryan told her that he was super sweet and kind to anyone. There were times, in the dream, where she and Michael would catch each others eyes by "accident" and she would see Michael playing with Coraline. She could tell he would make a great father since he told her that he wanted kids of his own one day. Ryan had come up to them and сказал(-а) that she would be willing to give him kids. Michael never knew that Coraline was her daughter. He just assumed that she was her cousin или her baby sister. She didn't want to tell him what happened to her.
"You would?" He asked.
She blushed a little, thinking back to when she had been raped and showed sadness in her eyes. She had already been hurt and she didn't want to be hurt again. Michael saw the sadness in her eyes and walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him.
"I just don't want to be considered a 'Billie Jean'..." She said.
"You won't be considered one." He put his hand on her cheek and stroked it. "I wouldn't allow anyone to call Ты that."
"Y-You...you wouldn't?"
He gently smiled at her. "Not at all."
He was about to Kiss her...until her phone woke her up. She was rather disappointed that her dream had to end and she couldn't get back to it. She sat up and checked her phone to see that she had gotten a voice-mail message from Katie. She rolled her eyes and dialed her code and listened to the message.
"Hey Janelle! Yes, this is Katie. Listen, don't listen to what Bryan сказал(-а) about having your party at a club. I know your aunt doesn't approve of clubs. And Ты told me that your mother wouldn't allow it, either. Bryan just needed to be reminded that and I told him that. Just do what Ты wanna do for your 21st birthday. Любовь you! Text me!!! Bye!" Katie сказал(-а) in the message.
She smiled a little, knowing that Katie got it through Bryan's head about the club idea. She wanted to be a kid forever and so did Katie. She decided on what to do for her 21st birthday party, so she texted the details of the party to Katie that she was gonna have a super soaker/water balloon fight. Katie thought it was a brilliant idea and she was all in for it. Then, Janelle went back to sleep since it was at least 3 in the morning.
2 Weeks Later
Janelle was still asleep. Coraline had kept her up almost until 2 in the morning last night. She couldn't believe that Coraline could be like her in ways of sleeping: unable to sleep until after midnight. When she was a baby, Janelle had to really get her to sleep. Her dream did continue last night because she wrote what happened in her journal. It ended the same way...Michael almost Поцелуи her because some people would interrupt. (Me: Hey, same with me lol. That happens a lot.) Anyway, her door opened and she felt someone climbing into her bed. She opened her eyes and turned Далее to her to see Coraline smiling.
"Coraline? What are Ты doing up?" Janelle asked.
Coraline giggled and handed her a half-folded paper. "I made this for you, mommy." She said.
Janelle took the paper and looked at it and read it out loud. "Mommy, since I didn't have the money to buy one, Great Aunt Liz told me that Ты like things that are made from the heart, especially if it's from family." Then she opened it up and saw a drawing on the inside of it. "Happy Birthday, mommy. I Любовь Ты lots. Love, Coraline."
She looked at her and smiled a little. "Do Ты like it, mommy?"
Janelle nodded, a tear falling down her cheek. She put it down and hugged her and kissed her head. "I Любовь it, Coraline. Thank Ты so much."
She hugged back and giggled. Aunt Liz came into the room with her own card and breakfast for Janelle. They released the hug and she placed the standing tray of Еда over Janelle's lap. There were eggs, toast, fresh Фрукты from the trees outside and freshly squeezed оранжевый juice. Aunt Liz handed her card to her and she took it and read it out loud as well.
"Janelle, there comes a день where Ты must make your own decisions in life. Ты had that chance with Coraline when Ты were 17, giving birth to her. Ты had it since Ты were 10 when I taught Ты how to act. Ты have grown so much and Ты felt like my own daughter. I Любовь you, Janelle. You're the best niece I could ever ask for. Happy birthday. Love, Aunt Liz."
Now her aunt's card to her made her cry a little. It was so touching. She put the card down and Aunt Liz hugged her and she hugged back.
"Happy birthday, Janelle." She said.
"Thank you, Aunt Liz."
They released the hug and she started eating her breakfast. She hadn't had a breakfast like this since she was really little. She was really looking вперед to today anyway; having a super soaker/water balloon fight outside. Maybe being able to dance for everyone, too. Aunt Liz knew she could sing, dance and now act and thought that she'd get along well with Michael Jackson since he does the same thing. Only, he rarely acts. She knew he only acted for Thriller and The Wiz and that was about it. She knew of The Jacksons Variety Show, but knew that it was just faked funny lines they used because of CBS.
Once she finished her breakfast, Aunt Liz took the tray and left with Coraline. They had lots to do today and they let Janelle hang out with Katie that day. What Janelle didn't know was that there was one card that Aunt Liz had...that would make her the happiest 21-year-old girl ever.
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My sweet Michael
Your my only hope
my sweet Michael
I know u won't go
My sweet Michael
ur smile outshines the sun
My sweet Michael
Ur the only 1
My sweet Michael
Ur Kiss is so strong
My sweet Michael
We haven't seen eachother in so long
My sweet Michael
We know ur wunderful worth
My sweet Michael
If only Ты were here on earth

R.I.P Mj
u will 4 ever be in our hearts
Любовь you
4 ever and ever
for the Mj fans
hope Ты guys like it
Check out my Mj Фэнтези that I'm gonna rite later
Peace, Love, and happiness
Cuz noons cant take it away
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as michelle starts to get excited about the surprise that michael has for her as michelle starts to get excited about the surprise that michael has she starts to think about what is it what does he have for her as a surprise as she starts to think she is thinking that its something like a ожерелье или a watch или something michelle starts to make her way to michael's house she is still so very excited about what michael has in store for her she is still trying to guess on what is it what does he have for her surpsise as michelle comes to the gate in front of neverland she is dazeled by the beautiful...
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