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On the eve of Michael leaving to go back to touring tomorrow Michael, Holly, and Jenny are all sitting beside the lake under the moon light trying to soak up as much time as they have left.

"I'm going to miss Ты Michael." падуб, holly, холли says resting her head on his shoulder. "I know, I wish Ты and Jenny could go with me. But just think in a few months we will spend two weeks together." "I know but thats so long away. Plus Jenny is growing at the speed of lightening, probably the Далее time you'll see her she'll be making sentences." падуб, holly, холли says looking down at Jenny who's sleeping soundly in her arms. "Well first she has to say her first word before she can make full sentences." Michael says giggling. "I know i'm starting to worry about her she should already be saying things." Michael wraps his arms around падуб, holly, холли "Baby don't worry she will say something when she's ready, but until then we need to be patient." He kisses her forehead. "Your right. So tell me what time do Ты leave tomorrow?" "Oh about seven-thirty, why?" "Because I wanted to get up early and make Ты breakfast for the two of us." Michael pulls падуб, holly, холли closer to him and wispers "I'd like that." "I Любовь Ты so much Michael." падуб, holly, холли says getting emotional. Michael deeply kisses her and says "I Любовь Ты еще Holly." For the Далее час they sit there casually glancing at each other, not uttering one word just enjoying being in each others arms.

The Далее morning after a great breakfast and a very tearful goodbye, Michael left. Luckily падуб, holly, холли had a photoshoot and an interview to get her mind off him leaving. During a break in the interview, Jack pulls a chair up beside Holly. "So падуб, holly, холли I have to ask Ты a question, after here Walter (Yetnikoff) wants to have lunch with you, is that alright?" "Sure, tell him i'll be there." падуб, holly, холли says fixing her hair. "Alright i'll pencil him in."Oh make a note that I need Ты to get a dozen red Розы by this afternoon." падуб, holly, холли says. Jack writes it on his paper "Sure do Ты want me to write out a card for it?" "No Ты don't need a card. But please get them for me by today." "No problem, may I ask are they for anyone special?" Jack asks taking off his glasses rubbing his eyes. "Uh yea, their for my sister's grave." падуб, holly, холли says taking a sip of her coffee. Jack stops and looks at her "Oh really! Uh Ты never told me Ты had a sister." "I know, its something I prefer not to talk about." "Uh alright, listen I should go call them in. Good luck!" Jack literally runs away from her, leaving падуб, holly, холли asking herself "What was that about???"

Meanwhile Michael has been airborn with Frank for three long hours. And believe me three hours on a plane with Frank feels like three days! Michael is casually looking out the planes window sipping some оранжевый juice, drowning out Frank going on and on about what had to be done as soon as they landed. Mostly Michael's mind is on падуб, holly, холли and Jenny. Wondering what падуб, holly, холли and Jenny was doing, wondering if падуб, holly, холли missed him to. But he is interupted in his thoughts with Frank shaking his shoulder "Mike! Have Ты listened to a word I said?!" "Yea, I just drifted off thats all." "Probably as soon as I started to talk, thats when your mind wondered. Now tell me whats on your mind." Frank says while pulling out one of his cigars from his куртка pocket. "Oh I just miss падуб, holly, холли and Jenny thats all, plus I wish I could have еще time with them." Michael says looking out the window still. "I know mike, but business is business." Frank says lighting up his cigar. Michael looks over at him and gives a Frank a look. Frank takes a puff on his cigar and looks over at Michael "What?" "Frank Ты know Ты can't smoke in here!" "Oh they don't care." Michael shakes his head and goes back to looking out the window. Suddenly the flight attendant comes up to Frank "Mr. Dileo if Ты do not put out your cigar i'm going to confiscate it like last time." Frank rolls his eyes "Geez! Ты people are so sensitive about the smallest little things." As the flight attendant walks away, Frank keeps puffing away. "Frank put that out Ты heard what the lady said!" Michael says hitting him in the arm. "Mike do Ты know how much these things cost!? If I put it out now this entire thing is ruined!" "Fine forget it then, kills us all if Ты want. I'm going to the restroom." Michael says getting up. "Alright, but make it quick we still have to go over this schedule." Just at that moment the flight attendent says over the intercom "Mr. Dileo i'm giving Ты a two минута warning and if do not put out the cigar i'm getting the ice bucket." Frank finally gives up and puts it out, cursing under his breath.

Back to падуб, holly, холли after lunch and going to Kate's grave, падуб, holly, холли felt emotionally drained from feeling that saddness and guilt coming all back because of Kate. But падуб, holly, холли has no time to think of that because Далее she's going to her photoshoot. While her and Jack are riding in the limo, Jack says "Oh падуб, holly, холли I forgot to give Ты this." He hands her a letter. "Sorry i'm giving it to Ты so late." падуб, holly, холли opens it up and the letter reads:

"Die whore! The time has come for Ты to finally get what Ты deserve, and for me to take whats rightfully mine. Wherever Ты are i'm their watching you. Keep a close eye on your daughter, Ты surely wouldn't want anything to happen to her now would you."

All падуб, holly, холли kept thinking was who sent this and why would they write it?????
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Michael and Quincy sat in the room, listening to the tapes that were recorded just a few hours ago. It was unclear what Quincy thought, but Michael felt the grown up and disco feel it had. " This is gonna sell." He mumbled excitedly. Quincy nodded in agreement before standing up. " Эй, Mike, I gotta go, my wife Peggy is waiting for me. And so is her креветка, креветки gumbo. See ya later Funky." He left.

Now I was alone, with nobody to be found. So, I packed up everything and left. Mother was probably get worried, so I called my driver to get me home, since my car was in the Магазин getting repainted.
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