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When Janelle looked at the clock, she saw that 30 минуты had passed. She looked at Coraline and giggled at how she would be playing with her dress.
"Coraline, Ты ready to go to dinner?" She asked.
Coraline looked at her with a big smile on her face. "Yes I am, mommy." She replied.
Janelle smiled and got up off the постель, кровати and headed out the door with Coraline. They went up to Michael's door and knocked.
"Just one minute, please?" He called out.
After about a минута of waiting, the door opened and Michael's jaw dropped a bit at the sight of Janelle and Coraline.
"Oh my God...you two look beautiful."
Janelle smiled a little and so did Coraline. Coraline held onto Michael's hand and it made him smile.
"Thank you, Michael! Ты look handsome."
He giggled a little. "Thank you, Coraline."
It made Janelle giggle how those two could be such good friends. She had to focus on how to be a friend for him, though. They may have had a lot in common, but she didn't really have a friend like him before, so she didn't know what to expect.
They headed down the hall and went into the elevator. Once the elevator door closed, the Музыка started playing. It was funny to Michael how the Музыка was the to the tune of Billie Jean. Janelle looked over at Michael and raised an eyebrow.
"What is making Ты giggle? Is it the elevator music?"
He nodded, giggling a little. "I never thought the elevator would play Billie Jean."
She listened closely and giggled a little herself. "That is Billie Jean, isn't it?"
They laughed a little. Once the elevator stopped, they exited it and headed out to the rental car. She got out the keys and opened the door for Coraline. She climbed in and Janelle buckled her in and closed the door. She opened the passenger door for Michael and smiled a little. He was shocked.
"I thought I was supposed to do that for you."
"Well, Michael, I'm the one treating Ты to dinner. Hop on in the car."
He giggled a little and got in the car and buckled himself in. She closed the door and got in the driver side and started driving the car.
About 20 минуты passed and they were closing in on a restaurant turn. They all sang along with the radio and it just made Michael giggle how he would hear old Jackson 5 songs on it. Once they came on the turn, Janelle turned into the parking lot of the restaurant and found a spot in the back entrance. Michael looked at her.
"Do they know Ты well here in New York?"
She nodded. "Yes they do know me well here. I called the restaurant in advance and told them that I was coming with a special guest. They closed it down for us, only leaving a few actual workers and some customers here so it feels еще natural."
He smiled. "You are so smart. What's the number of your IQ?"
His jaw dropped. "That's my IQ number, too!"
Her jaw dropped as well. She was shocked to know they had another thing in common. They got out of the car and headed inside, both of them holding Coraline's hands. They went over to the reception стол письменный, стол and the manager looked at them and was shocked.
"Your special guest is Michael Jackson?" He asked.
She nodded. "Yeah. I had reserved a таблица for 3."
"Yes ma'am. Follow me."
He picked up three menus and led them to their table. Once they sat down, the manager took out the notepad and a pen.
"What would Ты three like to drink?"
"Apple juice! Please?" Coraline asked.
He chuckled and wrote it down. "Sir? Ma'am? What would Ты two like?"
"Oh um..." She looked over the drinks. "Water with lemon, please?"
He wrote it down. "Sir?"
"I'll have the same."
"Okay, I'll let Ты three order now. I'll be right back." And he left.
Coraline wanted something simple, so she told her mom what she wanted.
"You want macaroni and cheese?"
She nodded, smiling a little. Janelle giggled. "Okay then, sweetie."
Once the manager came back with the drinks, he took the orders and left again. They chatted a bit before he came back with the food.
"What do Ты wanna do when Ты grow up, Coraline?" Michael asked.
"I wanna be like mommy and act."
"Aww how cute. Did Ты know your mommy can sing and dance, too?"
"Do Ты wanna do that, too? You'll be еще like your mommy."
He giggled because she couldn't say the word definitely. Once the manager came back with the food, they got to eating and talking away about the short film and when the actual rehearsal starts.
After they finished eating, Janelle paid and they headed back out to the hotel. Coraline fell asleep during the whole ride back, so Michael and Janelle decided to keep quiet. Once they got back to the hotel, Janelle parked the car and Michael carried Coraline inside with Janelle following. Once they got to the room, Janelle opened the door and let Michael in. He walked in with Coraline in his arms and he laid her down on the bed, under the covers, tucking her in. It made Janelle smile at how he was the sweetest man on Earth. She led him to his room and looked at him.
"So did Ты like tonight?" She asked.
He nodded. "It was the best first night ever. Далее time, I'll treat Ты to dinner."
"Oh Ты don't have to do that."
"But I should, Janelle. As payback for tonight." He took her hands in his. "Please let me do this."
She blushed a little and nodded. "Okay, I guess Ты can."
He giggled and they looked each other in the eyes. He let go of her hands and blushed. "W-Well...goodnight."
She blushed and kissed his cheek. "Goodnight, Michael."
He went wide eyed a little and saw her go back into her suite. He put a hand on his cheek and his jaw dropped a little. He walked into his suite and went over to the bed, his hand still on his cheek.
'She...she kissed my cheek...oh my God...is this love?' He thought.
He changed out of his clothes and went right to sleep.
Meanwhile, Janelle got dressed into her pajamas and got to thinking.
'I kissed his cheek...I did it. Oh my goodness...could this be love?' She thought, getting into bed.
She turned the TV on, turning the volume down and watched TV until she fell asleep.
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