In my opinion about Michael Jackson, he is one of few musicians who has a successful career despite whatever problems или mistakes he may have done in the past.

Ты have to understand that when he and his siblings form 'The Jackson 5', he became a Избранное musician worldwide. I have listen some of his earliest songs to his last album when he passed away in 2009.

I am not a major Фан of Michael Jackson, but he is one of many musicians that I listen to now and again whenever I am on YouTube.

Ты can also Поиск some of his dance moves on YouTube by YouTubers who had tried out his moves, such as 'The Moonwalk', The Thriller', 'The Lean' and many еще that I have not heard of myself.

There are a few songs that I do like from Michael Jackson when he was alive before his death.

Thriller, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Earth Song, They Don't Care About Us, Black или White and Man in the Mirror