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 Just how i miss you!
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The Далее Morning
Michael was the first one to wake up. He turned and looked at Janelle, who was still asleep. He looked at the таблица clock and saw that it was almost 11am. He turned back to Janelle and tapped her on the shoulder.
"Janelle? Эй, Janelle, it's time to wake up." He whispered.
She moved slightly, but didn't wake up. Michael got out of the постель, кровати carefully and stretched and went over to Janelle's side. He put his hand on her shoulder and shook her a little.
"Janelle? Wake up, Janelle. It's 11am."
She still wouldn't wake up. He leaned down and kissed her cheek and she woke up.
"AH!" She screamed...
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The boys and Joesph got Главная and everyone greeted them."You're home! Yayy!!" Randy сказал(-а) hugging them."So... how was Motown?" Katherine asked."It was good" The four boys said."Yeah and Gordy listened to our song and then сказал(-а) it needed бас, бас-гитара to this part and then the song was better!" Michael said."That's wonderful!" Katherine replied."Mom, I got to tell Ты something" Michael сказал(-а) pulling his mom aside."What is it?" Katherine asked."It's about Mariah!" Michael said."Yeah, what about her?" Katherine asked excited."We're boyfriend and girlfriend and I kissed her and she kissed me back!" Michael...
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January 1, 2013,

I was just getting back to Neverland after filming the pilot episode of "my stepbrother is a secret agent" and I'm excited because this new job has way better work hours than my Музыка career does. I'm not saying that I'm giving up on Музыка but, I do need a break from it for a while and surprisingly my manager Frank took the news very well.

It was just a little after 10 o'clock in the morning when I walked through the front door and Kyle was in the кухня making pancakes. I walked up behind him and kissed his neck as he сказал(-а) "I can already tell that I'm going to like having you...
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Meanwhile, Alicia and Michael had just walked up onto Michael's front porch. "Alicia I'm not sure about this..what if it just makes her even еще upset." Michael said. "Michael do Ты want your wife back или not?" Alicia asked. "Of Course I do" Michael answered. "Well go in there and talk to her." Alicia сказал(-а) as she pointed to the front door. Michael took a deep breath and opened the door. "Diane?" Michael called out but there was no answer. "Maybe she's taking a nap." Alicia suggested. "Maybe.... I'll go check upstairs and Ты look downstairs." Michael сказал(-а) as he made his way upstairs. Alicia...
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Michael and I got up the Далее morning and we started packing again. Our honeymoon was definitely gonna be different. No married couple had ever even wanted to tour the neighboring states for their honeymoon. What shocked me even more...was that Michael сказал(-а) that he was gonna drive for the first time since he was 18. He сказал(-а) that he recently got his license renewed and was always thinking of driving to give Bill a break. This time, he did get a break. Once we finished packing, we put our stuff in the car and headed back inside and made ourselves something to eat. We actually had блины again...
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Before Michael and I knew it, 6 weeks had passed and we were in Yokohama, Japan. We were looking for our hotel, well, I was looking for it with some help and Michael was trying his hardest to pay close attention to what the Japanese taxi driver and I were saying. Once we got to the hotel, I paid the driver and thanked him. Michael and I got our stuff out of the back and he drove off. We looked at the map I smartly brought with us and saw that there was a hospital a couple blocks away from there. We went inside the hotel and got our key (of course, I had to speak to the front стол письменный, стол manager in...
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Now,it's been 8 months since Rose found out she's pregnant.There's one месяц and they'll get married,finally,and hopefully live happily ever after!Now,Rose is sitting in a свинг, качели and looks around at Michael playing with Janet and the dogs.'I'm wondering if my child will have the luck to have such a wonderful brother или sister.I wish he или she will and I wish them a very special relationship just like Michael and Janet have.',she thought to herself.Just then Michael came to her and pushed the свинг, качели a bit:"Hey,honey,how are you?",kissing her cheek."I'm fine,thank you.I was watching Ты and Janet...Michael,do...
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 Black или white,it doesn't matter,;cause my сердце beating with Ты
Black or white,it doesn't matter,;cause my heart beating with you
[Diddy talking]
I remember the first time I seen Ты moonwalk,
I believed I could do anything,
you made the world dance,
you made the Музыка come to life

[Chris Brown - Chorus]
This the type of song that make the Ангелы cry,
I look up in the sky and I wonder why?
why Ты had to go, go
I know it's better on the other side,
you were chosen from the start
never gon let Ты go,

[The Game]
Who’s Michael Jackson?
You're Michael Jackson,
I’m Michael Jackson,
We all Michael Jackson,
I guess what I’m asking is, everybody bow their head for a legend, don’t breathe for a second,
now let the air out, grab the hand...
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