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posted by MJ_4life
When Michael Jackson came into my life I didn't feel alone anymore.
When Michael Jackson smiled I felt Бабочки in my stomach.
When Michael Jackson laughed I felt Speechless.
When Michael Jackson sang I smiled and laughed.
When Michael Jackson danced I screamed in admiration.
When Michael Jackson сказал(-а) "I Любовь you" I knew that I couldn't stop loving him.
When Michael Jackson was accused I knew that whatever happened I'd be there for him.
When Michael Jackson died I cried and once again I felt all alone, for he was now out of my life.
When I watched Michael Jackson's memorial I cried again,...
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 A Successful Solo Artist
A Successful Solo Artist
I can't find the words to describe Michael Jackson, but there's one we all know pertaining to him is that was one the greatest entertainers who ever lived. Seeing how he's been apart of lives for so long, it's like considering him apart our family или a a longtime friend of ours. Sadly, media tends to focus on the negative aspect of his life rather than the positive aspects of his life as well, so I'm going to reflect on all the good things he's done over the years, his rise to success and his humanitarian work on behalf of children around the world.

Michael was the sweetest and kindest man anyone...
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posted by MJDirtyDiana829
 The rain seemed to intensify with their Любовь making...
The rain seemed to intensify with their love making...
The rain seemed to intensify with their Любовь making, almost encouraging them или even daring them. Another blast of lightning bathed them momentarily and the thunder made itself known - almost as loud as Michael. He rode Mark furiously as he wailed to the ceiling of his ranch bedroom. He pawed up his neck and nipples and tossed his messy dark hair. Fresh sweat dripped from his relaxed locks and forhead and fell to Mark's chest like little raindrops.

Mark tried to concentrate and held onto Michael's small hips encouragingly. He thrust up into his tight wet Любовь hole so hard that Michael would...
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 Michael's costume :3
Michael's costume :3
Once Rebecca and Chris returned home, her mother came out of the house to greet them. They got out of the car and walked up to the door. "Hey, Mother." Rebecca said. "Hey, Rebecca. Welcome, Chris." Her mother said. "Hey!" Chris сказал(-а) excitedly. Rebecca rolled her eyes at how he acted. They went inside to catch up on things. Rebecca went to her room to put her things up and went back into the living room and sat down on the chair across from Chris. "Rebecca, how was the rehearsal? I heard from Chris that Ты and Michael were an item." Rebecca lifted her eyebrow at Chris. "Really, Chris?" He chuckled....
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 Michael,looking shocking after learning that he has to be away from Breanna for 2 yrs
Michael,looking shocking after learning that he has to be away from Breanna for 2 yrs
The months passed and soon it was almost time for Michael to leave on the Bad tour. Tatiana smiled devilishly because she knew that it was almost time to put her plan into action. But until then, she would pretend to be supportive of Michael's relationship with Breanna.

One день after rehearsal,Tatiana accidentally overheard a conversation between Frank and Quincy. When she heard them mention Michael's name, she decided to listen еще closely.

"The Bad tour dates are set.",Frank announced proudly.

"That's great", сказал(-а) Quincy. "So when are Ты going to tell Smelly the good news?"

"Well, actually...
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posted by msmj2012
"Ayanna, Ты don't have to tell Mom that Ты are pregnant.", сказал(-а) Breanna.

"Are Ты crazy? I can't keep this from Mom!"

"Why do Ты have to tell her?"

"Because she will kill me if she's finds out from somebody else, Breanna. Ты must have forgotten about the "birds and bees talk",said Ayanna, using her fingers to emphasize her words, when we were kids."

"Newsflash, Ты are not a kid anymore. Ты are a grown жопа, попка woman, capable of making her own decisions and Ты need to stop Актёрское искусство like Lil Miss Perfect all of the time."

Ayanna stared at Breanna.

"Are Ты really going to give up the Любовь of your life...
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