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 Planet Earth, My Home, My Place
Planet Earth, My Home, My Place
Ok. Im Pritty Sure Most If Not All Of Moonwalkers Have Read или Heard Michael Say His Poem Called Planet Earth. If Ты Havent Read It Ever In Your Life Well I'll Give Ты A Chance To Read It Below.

Planet Earth, my home, my place
A capricious anomaly in the sea of space
Planet Earth are Ты just
Floating by, a облако of dust
A minor globe, about to bust
A piece of metal bound to rust
A speck of matter in a mindless void
A lonely spaceship, a large asteroid

Cold as a rock without a hue
Held together with a bit of glue
Something tells me this isn't true
You are my sweetheart soft and blue
Do Ты care, have...
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 I am speechless
I am speechless
1.Speechless~ When I first heard this I was drawing and when this came on the drawing that I was drawing started to look better. And that drawing is one of the best ones I ever did because I listened to that song and it made me want to do the best that I could do. Speechless makes me Speechless. I really think that Michael should have done a Музыка video for this one, I know he wanted to. It's funny, most of my Избранное songs are songs that Michael really loved, like Speechless, Smooth Criminal, and Smile. I just Любовь how the beautiful orchestra in the background and the slow beat, and the chorus...
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Chapter 1

It was 1994; just a few months after my father settled the Jordan chandler case. My dad was sitting in a rocking chair with me in his arms. I was born a few weeks назад and Dad is already used to having me around. My nursery is adorned with animal Стена stickers and jungle bedding.

Dad got up and put me in my crib. He left the room and walked into the kitchen. The phone rang and he сказал(-а) “hello?” It was my grandmother and she was calling to see if she could come over for a visit. Dad сказал(-а) “yes; I will make some чай mother!!!” He hung up the phone and put a чай kettle on the stove....
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posted by MJDirtyDiana829
 Oh, they could do anything! And no one would know.
Oh, they could do anything! And no one would know.
"Umm, babe...", Mark moaned as he moved against Michael. Their wet mouths pressed desperatly together. Michael had never in his life had this oppourtunity. He was alone, completly alone, with someone he had feelings for. Someome who felt for him and they were alone. Michael moaned even louder at the thought. Oh, they could do anything! And no one would know.

Michael sat up against Mark and struggled to remove his arms from the sleeves of the robe. Mark helped pull it from underneath him. Then he wrapped his legs around Mark's waist as he continued their hungry kisses. Mark slowly pulled the...
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paparazzi was Показ up every where.in the closets the cabniets any way htey could get in the house to find out еще about jjj aka janet jen jackson. finally jen and michael decided to let jjj into the public and everybody went crazy and everyone started wondering once agian how the baby happen but simplt told the truth that they did it the normal way.people wanted everything to do with jjj,posters,her own star,and songe but poor jjj was only a few months old .MJ decided to a song with jjj a few years later wen she was 5.they called the song heal the world,jjj was the little girl alking...
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posted by NikkiLovesMJ
Remember the Time" is a single by Michael Jackson Recorded in the Hit Factory Miami. The song was released by Epic Records on January 14, 1992 as the секунда single from Jackson's eighth studio album, Dangerous. Written and composed by Teddy Riley, Michael Jackson and Bernard Belle, the song was produced by Riley and Jackson. "Remember the Time" was a successful attempt by Jackson to create a New jack swing-flavored варенье, джем with the accompaniment of co-producer Riley. Musically, the song is dance-oriented and its instruments include a Пианино and guitar. "Remember the Time" lyrics are about remembering...
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posted by koolkat-1104
Michael Jackson sang, the world hoped.

Michael Jackson danced, the world smiled.

Michael Jackson laughed, the world laughed.

Michael Jackson died, the world cried, but sang, danced, laughed because we know that's what he would've wanted.

Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson, and always will be.

We are all Michael Jackson when we cry, sing, dance and laugh.

RIP Michael Jackson we Любовь Ты and miss you. Ты are always in our hearts forever god bless u Ты made everything so much better for us.i wish u were still here with us u were such a beautiful human being. i know ur in a better place...
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"Dear You,

Have Ты ever noticed that every song contains the word “You”? Like for example: “Oh How Happy Ты Have Made Me”, “Can Ты See The Morning?” или “The Любовь Ты Save”. So that’s why I though it would be alright to start this Любовь letter to Ты with “Dear You”. If it works in songs of Любовь it ought to be right on for letters of love, too, don’t Ты agree?

Of course, there’s another reason, too. I don’t know your name. Chances are, we’ve never met. And maybe Ты are just starting to really get to know me through the pages and pictures here in TeB. You’re...
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From mjfrance.com, translated to english.

Part 1
While many Фаны are very interested in appropriations for each album of Michael Jackson, some go further in their approach. Thus, four members of the Форум MJFrance managed to get in touch with Elliott Straits best known under the name of Dr. Freeze, ie the producer of " Break Of Dawn "(Invincible)," A Place With No Name "or" Blue Gangsta ".

Dr. Freeze has worked in the studio with Michael Jackson and book in an exclusive interview very interesting news just for you. And enter еще deeply into the secret recordings of the King of Pop when he discovered...
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posted by Princess-Yvonne
(4-12-2010) On December 14, 2010 the much anticipated album from Michael Jackson entitled MICHAEL will be released. The Official Online Team of the Michael Jackson Estate and Sony Музыка have released some details about the project which we can share with Ты now below.


Michael Jackson passed away as his vision was taking shape for his Далее album, working diligently on songs he expressly wanted to share with his fans.

These songs could simply have become part of the rich legacy of unreleased work left behind by one of the world’s great artists. But as it soon became clear to both...
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I think coming here on this spot was.. the most beautiful thing I could have done..I Любовь this spot. I Любовь it so much..I couldn't say it in words..

Michael Jackson means so much for me. He is one man who really changed my life and my way of thinking, who helped me get through many many sad periods in my life.

I came here and met you, his fans..children and adults who loved Michael или started to Любовь Michael after he passed..
I want to say from my сердце that I met persons I never dreamed I would. Persons I just..love .. real friends. And I am so greatful I met them and they opened up to me..I...
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posted by caligurl16
He just couldn't follow through with the This Is It concerts for his dedicated Фаны and innocent children. He didn't want to work that hard for people who he knew absolutely adored him and wanted to see him perform. He just had to pause everything take a break from it all, all of it.

"Once all alone, I was Остаться в живых in a world of strangers"

He wanted to teach each and every one of us on this planet a lesson: do not believe everything Ты see или hear.

Breaking News: "Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, has had a сердце attack." "Michael Jackson rushed to hospital." "Michael Jackson in critical condition."...
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It's close to midnight
something evil's lurkin' from the dark
under moonlight
You see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream
But terror takes the sound before Ты make it
You start to freeze
As terror looks Ты right between your eyes
You're paralyzed

'Cause this is thriller
Thriller night
And no one's gonna save you
From the beast about to strike
You know it's killer
Thriller night
You're fighting for your life
Inside a killer
Thriller tonight, yeah

You hear the door slam
And realize there's nowhere left to run
You feel the cold hand
And wonder if you'll ever see the sun
You close your eyes
And hope...
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They told him don't Ты ever come around here
don't wanna see your face, Ты better disappear
The fire's in their eyes and their words are really clear
So beat it
Just beat it

You better run, Ты better do what Ты can
don't wanna see no blood, don't be a macho man
You wanna be tough, better do what Ты can
So beat it
But Ты wanna be bad

Just beat it (beat it)
Beat it (beat it)
No one wants to be defeated
Show 'em how funky strong is your fight
It doesn't matter who's wrong или right
Just beat it

Just beat it
Just beat it
Just beat it
[ Find еще Lyrics on link ]

They're out to get you, better leave...
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posted by _Blackhearts_xx
Michael Jackson;

A great Mind,
There's only one of its Kind,

A great Heart,
Forever dear to us as he played his Part,

A voice like no Other,
His Музыка much like a secret Lover,

His talent Unique,
No other could ever copy his Technique,

king of pop,
The Название of respect; Музыка Rocks

Him they Misunderstood,
But regardless,on his feet he stood,

Him they Misjudged,
But at heart, he was loved,

Michael Jackson we Love,
He was as Precious as a fragile dove,

Michael Jackson we Miss,
Blessed with him we were,

Michael Jackson a living legend,
Michael Jackson we will never forget

xx R.I.P michaell!
Любовь youxxx
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