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This Майкл Джексон фото contains концерт. There might also be гитарист.

 I Любовь Ты forever.
I love you forever.
1-It's funky air.It's not there.It's all for LOVE.
2-It's the final curtain call.
3-That's cool move,it should go to the infinity.
3-Kenny:"How well the video change?" Mike:"I gotta feel that.I feel it."
4-I gotta cue that,it shouldn't go on it's own,watch me for it,OK?
5-You guys,i'm gonna tell Ты this when i'm trying to hear it there's someone trying to FISS it.I know Ты mean well but please adjust in inner ear.
6-Try to do it with Love.L-O-V-E!!!
7-Now don't make me sing out,i shouldn't be Пение at all i'm warming up.
8-Why are Ты doing this to me?I'm warming up to the moment.
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Will Ты Be There lyrics

Hold Me
Like The River Jordan
And I Will Then Say To Thee
You Are My Friend

Carry Me
Like Ты Are My Brother
Love Me Like A Mother
Would Ты Be There?

Tell Me Will Ты Hold Me
When Wrong, Will Ты Skold Me
When Остаться в живых Will Ты Find Me?

But They Told Me
A Man Should Be Faithful
And Walk When Not Able
And Fight Till The End
But I'm Only Human

Everyone's Taking Control Of Me
Seems That The World's
Got A Role For Me
I'm So Confused
Will Ты Показать To Me
You'll Be There For Me
And Care Enough To медведь Me

(Hold Me) Показать me
(Lay Your Head Lowly)
told me
(Softly Then Boldly)
(Carry Me There)
I'm Only Human...
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