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This Майкл Джексон фото contains концерт. There might also be гитарист, ударник, and барабанщик.

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feb 15, daddy was downstairs with prince asleep in his arms. i was upstairs in my room watching t.v on my bed. i yelled Daddy, he yelled back What. i сказал(-а) i got sick, he сказал(-а) hang on im coming. he passed prince to the nanny. daddy came upstairs and into my bedroom. he walked over to my постель, кровати and i had thrown up everywhere. he looked at me and i was crying, i сказал(-а) my tummy hurts. he picked me up and сказал(-а) honey dont cry its ok. he changed my clothes and took me downstairs. he told the nanny to take prince out for the день because he did not want him to get whatever i had. once prince and the nanny...
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posted by 12251
if Ты are wondering why lisa is not my mother in my dreams, heres why. in my dreams back when michael and lisa did the diane sawyer interveiw. lisa and michael anocced that they had been трещина, сплит up for 5 months because michael wanted children and lisa did not want anymore children. lisa сказал(-а) she wanted michael to be happy that is why they got divored. in those 5 months micheal met debbie rowe and they concevied me. back to my dreams.

march 1st, grandma and grandpa are coming to vist for 2 weeks for my 2nd brithday. daddy was so happy that they were coming. daddy wanted to tape my every move...
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Любовь was taken from a young life
And no one told her why

Her direction has a dimlight
From one еще violent crime
She innocently questioned why
Why her father had to die

She asked the men in blue
How is it that Ты get to choose
Who will live and who will die
Did god say that Ты could decide ?

You saw he didn't run
And then my daddy had no gun

In the middle of a village
Way in a distant land
Lies a poor boy with his broken toy
Too young to understand

He's awaken, ground is shaking
His father grabs his hand
Screaming crying, his wife's dying
Now he's left to explain

He innocently questioned why
Why his mother had...
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Welcome to Hollywood
That's what they told you
A child звезда in Hollywood
That's what they sold you
Grace with beauty, charm and talent
You would do what Ты were told
But they robbed Ты of your childhood
Took your youth and sold it for gold

Elizabeth, I Любовь you
You're every звезда that shines in the world to me
Elizabeth, can't Ты see that it's true
Elizabeth, I Любовь you
You're еще than just a звезда to me

Lovely Elizabeth
You have surpassed them all
My friend Elizabeth
Learned to outlast them all
Many started back when Ты did
Lost their way and now they're gone
But look at you, a true survivor
Full of life and...
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make me feel
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Cute! <3
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Haha! I Любовь this video, great story line and direction. Its on of my вверх Избранное Sims tribute. Enjoy!
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Фан video
the sims
work that body
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