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 "Captain Eo"
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when I finally drove off I couldn't get what just happened out of my mind, Michael loved me but knew I was in Любовь with Jackie I knew he could tell even though I told him that I did he knew it because I could tell by the look in his eyes he was upset that I didn't Любовь him back but I did I really did but I couldn't Любовь both.
As soon as I got Главная and walked though the door I frowned cause sar was packing her stuff back up.
"hey your not staying." I сказал(-а) getting all little upset that she was leaving so soon.
"My sister called me she wanted me to help her Переместить out tomorrow morning her and my mom...
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The Man who made HIStory

He was once a small-time boy

with big musical promise and big voice

got him to be one of the biggest entertainers ever.

He has the сердце the size of Russia,

the Музыка gift of Apollo,

the wisdom of an African elephant,

and the grace and beauty of a swan.

He stunned the world with his timeless, classic works of art.

He fought through his darkest times,

from the difficult times that he had as a child

to the false accusations he was innocent.

Despite that, he remained tough

He was only child-like, not childish.

He shocked the world when he left us and this earth

He may be gone, but we will never forget you.
michelle askes michael if they could take a walk around neverland for a little while after the movie michael says sure of course after the movie was over michael and michelle took a walk around neverland and they started to talk about there Избранное things and hobbies that they have michael told her and showed her his Избранное rides around neverland and funny stories that happend on each ride michelle told michael that she's liked him and loved for as long as she's been a Фан of him michael told michelle that he knew he found Любовь when he first saw her he saw butterflys and hearts when he saw...
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She dances in the sheets at night
She dances to his needs
She dances ’til he feels just right
Until he falls asleep
She dances at the crack of dawn
And quickly cooks his food
She can’t be late, can’t take too long
The kids must get to school
[Chorus: (2x)]
She’s a slave to the rhythm
She’s a slave to the rhythm of
She’s a slave to the rhythm
She’s a slave to the rhythm of
The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love
She dances for the man at work
Who works her all the time
She dances so, and she says so
“I must be Главная tonight”
She dances to the кухня stove
ужин is served by nine
She says this Еда is the power
She must be out her mind…
She works so hard, just to make her way
For a man who just don’t appreciate
And don’t know it takes
And was all in vain

She danced the night
That they fell out
She swore she’d dance no more
But then she did, she did not quit
And she ran out the door
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WARNING! Extremely erotic & suggestive content inside! Previously, we counted down MJ's best physical assets, now is the time to see those same assets in full unadulterated action. As always, please enjoy responsibly!
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