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Michael Jackson fan-fest!


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anjariel said:
sounds as agood idea to me! but anjarile would maybe not been able to stya in that place . yeah.. why in las veags outta ALL places on EARTH then?
michale havent EVER been in tha POOL of syndiness and blæh!in his life he?? so why ahve suhc a thing THER where the nude and the ALCHOOL am floain mo free tha a river is clean thesedays and you just edn up marride the comin dya fter the fanfets anywayeh??
i would much rather had iot in NEVERLAND maybe?+ or in l.a?? or just all places ELSE but in VEGAS the pleace to KISS your life goodbye hm?+
love anjarile.. thsi si NOT offendingly meaned..please?? A..:DDD!
posted Больше года.