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 Tails and Cosmo comic
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лиса, фокс
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*At Sonic.exe, Tails Doll and BMF's house*
BMF: meh crazy morning.
TV: News Scrouge causing havic in town.
Sonic.exe: Why should we care?
Tails Doll: yeah I don't see why.
BMF: My third вверх enemy I will be back.
*BMF leaves*
*In the forest*
Scrouge: Where is he. He сказал(-а) he would come.
*BMF Aperes out of...Somewhere.*
BMF: Ready to lose?
Scrouge: Are Ты ready?
BMF: Always
*Scrouge uses spindash*
*BMF Jumps over him*
*Scrouge runs at BMF*
*BMF breaks Scrouge's arm*
*BMF does backflip somehow breaking Scrouge's leg in the process*
*BMF Causes head trama to Scrouge's head causing him to pass out*
*BMF Slices off Scrouge's head as a Prize.
BMF: Well two targets left Fiona and Tails
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