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realestgirl posted on Mar 22, 2012 at 03:28AM
me and my 3 friends when to a mb meet and greet
me:man princeton is soo cute he so hot u can bake cookies off of him lol
angel:lol but just look at roc tho
sweetie:but come on look at ray ray he is so funny
baby:yea but prod is so layed back like me
(all loling)
in the back with mb
princeton:man i hope i meet my #1 girl
roc,prod,rayray:yup we do 2
we all walk in and see mb
me:look at prince
angel:look at roc
sweetie:look at ray ray
baby:look prod
mb:look at them girls over there they r so cute
prince:i like the one with the pink and black shoes(me)
roc:the one in the blue is cute(angel)
rayray:the one in yellow is cute(sweetie)
prod:the girl in all red is cute(baby)lets go over there
they walk over to us princeton pulls me aside princeton:hey lit mama how u doin;me:lol(blushing)im good;princeton:so whats ur name;me:im alana;prince:cool want to come to my house after this
at mb house
roc takes angel to his room
rayray takes sweetie to his room
prod takes baby to his room
and princeton takes me to his room

he pushed me on the bed he gets on top of me but i push him off

prince whats wrong u dont like it
me on its not that im just not ready i dont want to do something that messes my life up a head of time like having a baby
prince oh ok well im sorry
me its ok
prince would u like to go out o a date with me

to be continued

what will alana say?will alana and priceton go out?will they do the nasty? u never know

hoped u like it

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