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Mindless Behavior
roc royal
луч, рэй луч, рэй
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This Mindless Behavior фото might contain износ отдыха, одежда для отдыха, портрет, выстрел в голову, близком расстоянии, макро, and крупным планом.

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Mindless Behavior Giving us this very DOPE performance!!
Mindless Behavior
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Okay so it's morning time and you're getting ready for lunch with Mindless Behavior
Okay I'm WAYtoo excited!MB is gonna meet me at пицца Hut in a couple hours (you woke up at 7:00 AM) and I need to get dressed outta my pajamas right now.I do my hair,wash my face,and take a shower.I need to dress casual but pretty.Okay so this is what I am wearing and stuff:link look at the clock and it's 9:00 AM.How the heck could it be that time ALREADY?I must have been in the душ too long,or have gotten dressed too long.Oh well.I already ate breakfast at 7:00 AM,so now all I need to do is wait for...
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Okay so Ты and луч, рэй kissed,you were playing with his tongue,and Prod was just standing there watching y'all with his сердце broken.

Ray:*smiles,puts his arm around your waist,and pulls Ты closer*
Yn:*pulls away and whispers*Bed.Now.Ray.
Ray:*gets a boner*mkay *carries Ты bridal style and turns around,sees Prod,drops Ты not on purpose*
Yn:0.0 Prod...
Prod:I came in here to get a bottle of water.I thought Ты liked me.But,I now know to to think that.So Ты do have a favorite?You lied?Why?
Yn:I do like Ты and no one is my favorite!I didn't lie to Ты Prod!I promise.
Ray:so Ты like...
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 I Kiss луч, рэй луч, рэй
Nyah: Yess
Roc: I got u somethin
Nyah: Wat
Roc: *Unwraps the blanket* This
Nyah: OMG
Roc: I know how much u like Животные еще than me so i got u a puppy
Nyah: Is it a boy или a girl
Roc: Its a girl
Nyah: Im gonna name it Brownie
Roc: Me and u were thinkin the samthing then, o and shes 3 years old and her birthday is August 4th
Prince: Keyanna
Key: Yes
Prince: I WUV U
Key: I WUV U 2
Key: Lets go 2 the mall
When I got 2 the mall I saw the cutest thing 4 Prince
-Key&Prince at home-
Prince: Watz in the bag
Key: Something 4 u *Handz him the bag*
Prince: Thanks...
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Mb Любовь story epi 27 Любовь WITH A TURN--------ughhhh I hate exams Болталка ish LOL btw ima try to make Eli's longer but end with a cliffy and a Вопрос so Ты can be in suspence tell me if dat works out или not oh and warning this a a sexual kinda talk so almost pg-13 but told ya I have trouble Письмо that stufff lol-----
Recap-diamond and roc had a sexual moment and she gonna talk to ronya
Angel:*texting diggy*
Ronya and diamond:*run in room*
Diamond:*actin like she bout to have a сердце attack* omg omg omgggg
Angel:geez girl what they stick up yo a**
Diamond:*mumbles*more like what he wants to
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