GreenKero/Elle:Finally the Далее chapter arrives
Me:-.- line stealer
Ella:well mmmmmmm BLEHHHHHHHH
Me:wow seriously -.-
Ella:yah seriously Meh o.o
Me:On with the story i say!!!!! XD
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Miyako's Pov

"Oh Great" my subconscious echoed
-.- stupid subconscious why does it talk to me, people will think i have problems

"Hey" the mysterious voice сказал(-а) well mischievously
(A/N:story XD i had writers block so cry 4 день wait)

"Go die in a well" I murmured i was really feed up with this dude -.-

"Aw come on Bubbles, Ты know don't really feel that way...." he сказал(-а) full of bitterness

"Ummm Bubbles, seriously what kind of pet name is that?"I сказал(-а) questioningly worried for my secret identity

His sea blue eyes had a glint of suspicion

I was so glad i took Актёрское искусство classes as an extra curricular now........

wait hold it sea blue eyes and sunny blonde hair besides Tacka-chan i only know one person.....
Me: hehe that's what Ты get line stealer
Ella: O.O why........
Me:-.- dont act all inocent
Ella:Die in a dark abiss of pudding-.-
Me:please review
Rolling Bubbles
Little Miyako-chan