I awoken with sounds of chirping of birds when i opened my eyes i saw. Only but blurs so i rubbed my eyes.and everything was clear,darling we are going to the волк house for breakfast at 10:00 сказал(-а) faher yozu know what i сказал(-а) about calling them wolfs !!! I сказал(-а) but darling there last name is litterly thename.is волк he said. O sorry father .its okay Ты need to start getting ready its 9:05. bye i сказал(-а) and closed my door. Curled my hair and put it in a ponytail and put on. My розовый sparkly. Dress and brushed my teeth and sharpend my fangs it was already 9:55. Come on father it is time to go. I was totes exsited about it i might meet a friend there. Father and me walked across the улица, уличный and rang the doorbell my father whispered in my ear im doing this for Ты i сказал(-а) why do Ты have be so rude. Then the волк mother answerd the door hello welcome to are home. Then we walked in she сказал(-а) im Harriet and thats clawrk pointing to the tall buff werewolf and thats howleen she had a cheeto puff hairstyle and she was short. And she pointed and сказал(-а) thats clawdia she was a blond then she pointed to a large as in tall buff teenager and сказал(-а) thats clawd ?then she pointed to a girl with long curly brown hair and she had style and she сказал(-а) thats clawdeen and i сказал(-а) im draculaura but people call me lala for short then i elbowed my dad letting him know to interduce himself he сказал(-а) im Dracula harriet сказал(-а) sence im not not done making the Еда how bout lala clawd and clawdeen go up stairs and get to know eachother we all сказал(-а) okay and went up stairs and clawdeen сказал(-а) follow me lala i сказал(-а) okay we sat on clawdeens постель, кровати and clawd sat on the floor , so lala where did Ты come from asked clawd i answered transvillvania clawdeen asked if i was dating someone i anserwd yes hes names valentine clawd сказал(-а) oh cool