Chapter 12: Toralei Stripe

I walked into Monster High, nervous as anything. Rochelle has been very sneaky the past few days and I'm regretting my affair with Deuce. I just wish I could find someone who I could talk to. Sure I have Meowlody and Purrsephone. But they don't even talk.

As I walked around the corner, I heard a smooth voice talk.

"Where do Ты think you're going Kitty Kat?"

It was Deuce. He walked up and put his arms around me. I looked at him with desire although I quickly pushed his hands away.

"We have to stop this. I don't want to be known as the school slut Deuce!"

"You won't as long as you're with me." He said, Поцелуи my neck and oddly spitting мех out.

"No Ok just stop." I said, biting his hand and running off.

If I was my normal self, then I'd not feel sorry for Cleo De Nile. I'd feel proud that I've stolen her man. But I don't know. Something sounds wrong about taking someone elses boyfriend.

I cried as I ran into Rochelle Goyle.

"Whats wrong Toralei? Someone finally knock Ты off of your pedestal?"
"What? No! Rochelle Ты don't know anything about this so but out!"

Rochelle eyed me suspiciously as I ran off to Главная Ick.


And Ты guys better get ready because I've got a lot еще chapters to go. Sorry this took ages. (literally). I've been so busy. Literally. Hope Ты enjoyed this chapter. Далее one will be out soon! I promise.