Bonita Femuer is a hybrid from the line- freaky fusion!
Because she is a hybrid she has history of changing schools, This has caused her to have self-doubt in herself. Bonita is a jumpy kind of ghoul and gets nervous real easy. Because of her being so jumpy she has a habit of chewing holes in her clothes. But that habit dose not stop her from shopping 4 new fashions that fit her needs.
Appearance- Being a hybrid she has 2 monster sides.
She has light розовый skin, with moth- like horns well her ears. She also got розовый black and yellow see-through wings from her мотылек, моль side. Shes got a body full of bones, with мотылек, моль like legs.
Peronality- She is a nervous type of ghoul who LOVES to shop.
Fun Facts-
Age- 16
Fave Food- Wool/silk
Fave School Subject- Art
*I hope u ghouls like my artcile
Bontia femuer 2014 pic art