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Inside her office,Headless Headmistress Bloodgood was going through her usual papers with the help of her Nightmare,who was using her hooves to help stamp some of the papers,when suddenly,they heard Purrsephone walk in."Oh Purrsephone,what can we do for you? The Headmistress asked."Well Headmistress,I have a proposition,no wait,an idea that could help benefit the school". The Headmistress places her head on her shoulders to inquire what the young werecat had in mind."Hm,an idea? Please,have a сиденье, место, сиденья and tell us",she said,Purrsephone took a сиденье, место, сиденья to inform the good Headmistress of her idea."Well,as Ты know,the Последнее new student,Luke Talonwing,comes from a nudist background right?" Well yes,Nightmare and I have even visted the resort his parents run,very nice people there".Bloodgood informed.her demonic конь whinnied in agreement."Haha,well,coincidentally,I visted the resort myself just yesterday,and I have developed a taste for the clothes free lifestyle,heck,even Draculaura and Clawd often go themselves,which is why I have this idea that we make the Monster High pool,Clothing Optional".As Purrsephone сказал(-а) this,Bloodgoods and Nightmares eyes widened at the suggestion,but to the werecats relief,they took a moment to ponder,"Hmm,a Clothing Optionl Pool at Monster high? well,it would allow the students to dry off faster,and it would make cleaning the pool filters easier.I'll tell Ты what Purrsephone,if Ты get enough signitures on this Petition Paper,i think the Skullastic Superintendents might make your idea a reality".The Headmistress сказал(-а) as she removed her head once еще and handed Purrsephone the papers for the petition."I got say Headmistress,I kinda еще so expected Ты to be furious at the idea of a Clothing Optional Pool",Purrsephone сказал(-а) as she straightend the papers."Haha well my dear ghoul,lets face it,most people,Normies and Monsters alike,dont really like wearing clothes to begin with.I mean,our very ancestors probably never wore clothes to begin with". the Headmistress сказал(-а) as her Horse nodded in agreement,then noticed the clock."Oh better get to class before the колокол, колокольчик, белл wrings young lady". she continued."Yes ma'am" The young werecat сказал(-а) as she darted for class after putting the papers for her petition in her purse,as she did,Bloodgood could hear the sound of bare feet padding through the halls,she stared down at her own feet,who were just as bare at the moment,pondering what had just happend. "I do hope Purrsephone knows what she's doing".Bloodgood whispered to her конь who nuzzled her assurngly,to be honest,Bloodgood was just as much of a nudist as Luke,Purrsephone,and Draculaura and Clawd were,the only ones who knew about it were her close friends,and The Talonwings themselves,aside from that,she actually wanted to try taking a skinny dip in the Monster high pool after school hours."This is gonna be quite the petition,she thought to herself.Meanwhile later,Luke,an Purrsephone,with the help of Draculaura and Clawd were setting up the stand for the petition to make the school pool clothing optional,Purrsephone was both scared,and excited at the same time."I hope this works" she thought to herself.
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Clawdeen And Draclaura
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Monster High: Boo York, Boo York A Monsterrific Musical
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