Орудия смерти Nico Tortorella for the role of Magnus Bane?

darkgoth posted on Jul 06, 2011 at 10:41AM
Wish I had a better explanation about this. I’m not a gay or lesbian or bisexual, but don’t know why each time seeing Edmund Entin makes my heart glow. He has the beauty, the beauty of alec lightwood’s that dwells me into solace and peace. Though I know some may think how this sound crazy is, I am still gonna say that I wish to be the who of his protector and lover, Magnus Bane…

But there is one person who is much better to fill in the part, he is Nico Tortorella. Remember the hot dude who almost just one step behind to fill in the role of Jace Wayland, well, in my opinion, I think he is million times suitable for the role of Magnus Bane. Nico indeed reminds me a lot of Ben Barnes (Dorian Gray 2009), it just that Nico is younger than Ben Barnes. Dangerously and sexy kind of dark character, but in spite of all these nature, there is shade of grey you’ll find somewhere in his soul..

I don’t what you guys think, but I am very optimistic with the idea of casting Nico with Edmund Entin for the roles of Magnus and Alec will make their romance stride across sexes, leaving without any trace of obnoxiousness for viewers and most of all, the chemistry you feel for Jace with Clary? is equally there for Magnus with Alec…

 Wish I had a better explanation about this. I’m not a gay или lesbian или bisexual, but don’t know

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