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NaomiWinx posted on Aug 08, 2013 at 08:50PM
It seems like no one has really made on....so might as well!

What are you? (Shadow hunter, mundane, warlock):
Weapon Of Choice:
Backstory (Optional):

Fill this out and your good to go! Please don't make your OC's all too powerful and you cannot copy another characters personality.

If you want, you can ask another user if they want your characters and he/she characters as relatives

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Больше года NaomiWinx said…
Name: Halanore
Age: 17
What Are You?: Shadowhunter/Angel
Weapon Of Choice: Blade
Personality: Serious, No-nonsense, Never laughs or cracks a smile
Looks: Short Bob Hairstyle, White hair (Dyed) A Bit Tall, Some muscle, Triangle tattoo on forehead and a lighting bolt tattoo that runs down from the triangle to her arms and legs, Red eyes
Backstory (Optional): She and her brother are dead but keep their spirits around. She is keeper of light and her twin brother is keeper of darkness. They have a combo power when united cause a huge power wave.
Other: She is blind in her left eye

Name: Darach
Age: 17
What Are You?: Shadowhunter/Demon Angel
Weapon Of Choice: Sword
Personality: Fun, Cheery, Jokester, Prankster
Looks: Medium Flipped Back Hair, Black, A Bit Skinny, Circle Tattoo on forehead and lighting bolt tattoo that runs down from triangle to his arms and legs, Bright blue eyes
Backstory (Optional): (Same as Halanore's)
Other: He is blind in his right eye
Больше года Darkangel6 said…
Name: Alison Annabeth Mason
Age: 17
What are you? (Shadow hunter, mundane, warlock): ShadwoHunter
Weapon Of Choice: Bow and Arrow
Personality: Slightly serious but a total party animal when not saving the world.
Looks: long brown hair, coffee colored skin, medium, swimmers build, tattoo on the lower back, brown eyes
Backstory (Optional): raised by her mother who is a shadowhunter as well. father died when she was eight.
Other: wears glasses

Больше года NaomiWinx said…
(Cool, you can join in)
Halanore: *walks down the street with a coffee in her hands* Better not bloody be another on of your stupid pranks again Darach...
Darach: God, stop getting your panties in a bunch. Just walk.
Больше года Darkangel6 said…
Alison: *Walks down the street, playing games on her phone when she feels a sudden draft* What the heck?
Больше года NaomiWinx said…
Darach: Hey you feel that?
Halanore: What? *looks around*
Darach: That sudden draft in the air.
Halanore: *phases into the ground*
Darach: Oh c'mon, wait for me at least once!
Больше года Darkangel6 said…
*Looks around, Noticing something odd out the corner of her eye. two figures* Hey! Wait! *They disappear before she gets a chance to talk to them
Больше года NaomiWinx said…
Darach: *appears with Halanore in a alley way*
Halanore: Where are you little monster.....*looks around*
Darach: Instead of bring this monster to the mundane couldn't we do this ourselves?
Halanore: No. We do it like were told. Ah there you are. *takes out her sword and slices it through a squid looking monster and picks up its ashes. Go one the girl.
Darach: Whatever you say squid lady.
Halanore: *narrows eyes*
Darach: Ill be going. *phases in the ground and starts looking around in the streets*Hm...
Больше года Darkangel6 said…
*Tries to figure out where those beings with but continues down the street* Where could have they gone? *continues to walk until she comes to alleyway*
Больше года NaomiWinx said…
Halanore: Hm... *the monsters ashes glow and reform into a monster and fly into the girls direction*
Больше года Darkangel6 said…
*Sees something coming her way and takes out her bow and arrow. one Arrow goes through the monster and stops, falls to the ground.* "What is going on here? *She looks up and notices the figures* "Who are you?
Больше года NaomiWinx said…
Halanore: Hm..*comes out the shadows* A bow and arrow already equip.
Darach: *comes from the ground* Found her!
Halanore: *smacks the back of Darach's head* Idiot, I can see her.
Darach: Nice to meet ya!
Больше года Darkangel6 said…
*Stares Blankly at the figures before her* "Hi." *She moves slowly towards them. *You're very tricky to keep track of" *She smiles at them before putting her bow and arrow away.*I'm Alison. but you can call me Ali"
Больше года NaomiWinx said…
Darach: I'm gonna call you the big A, big A
Halanore: Oh for the love of Christ and everything below...*shakes head* I'm gonna go and do stuff. Watch her.
Darach: Iy, iy, captain.
Больше года Darkangel6 said…
*watches as Halanore leaves* "is she always like that?"
Больше года NaomiWinx said…
Darach: Yep. She be the toughest twin I'll have.
Больше года Darkangel6 said…
Alison: So what exactly are you guys? you're not like anything I've come across before.
Больше года NaomiWinx said…
Darach: Hm...well first off we aren't humans because it seems like you can only see us...Then against who isn't *laughs hysterically* Huh...I crack myself up...
Больше года Darkangel6 said…
*Smiles* "Yeah, i'm not human either. at least not in the literal sense."
Больше года NaomiWinx said…
Darach: Ah...well. Guess me and my sisters are shadow hunters. And she's the angel and I'm the demon.
Больше года Darkangel6 said…
Alison: Looks that way. you know I've never met another shadowhunter besides my mother. this is actually pretty cool."
Больше года NaomiWinx said…
Darach: Yep. Though she thinks Shadowhunters are weird. She never trusts them. Mostly since she's supposed to be cute, fun, and nice, but she doesn't have a funny bone. Hehe as for me she hates me but deep down I know she loves me. She just doesn't like the whole thing of people going around in black outfits slashing at things with a weapon while people just roam around not seeing anything.
Больше года Darkangel6 said…
Alison: I guess but it's the only way that we can protect the people.