Орудия смерти TMI 30 день Challenge

NCISLuverjk93 posted on Apr 25, 2016 at 08:03PM
Day 1: favorite male character
Day 2: favorite female character
Day 3: least favorite character
Day 4: favorite pairing
Day 5: least favorite pairing
Day 6: Do you multiship anyone?
Day 7: favorite friendship
Day 8: favorite book of the series?
Day 9: character you most relate to
Day 10: moment that made you laugh
Day 11: moment that made you cry (or want to)
Day 12: biggest "OMG" moment
Day 13: character you have a crush on
Day 14: character you wish you were / would love to play
Day 15: Isabelle or Maia for Simon?
Day 16: Simon or Jordan for Maia?
Day 17: thoughts on Sebastian/Jonathan Morgenstern
Day 18: favorite quote / scene of City of Bones
Day 19: favorite quote / scene of City of Ashes
Day 20: favorite quote / scene of City of Glass
Day 21: favorite quote / scene of City of Fallen Angels
Day 22: favorite quote / scene of City of Lost Souls
Day 23: favorite quote / scene of City of Heavenly Fire
Day 24: favorite type of downworlder
Day 25: saddest death
Day 26: If you could change one thing about the books, what would it be?
Day 27- If you've read both TID and TMI, which series do you prefer?
Day 28- The books, the movie or the show?
Day 29- Would you become a Shadowhunter, if given the chance?
Day 30- Do you like how the series ended?
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