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Its out,the flash is going to be on tv. So the news is that on the Показать Стрела the flash is going to have few episodes on Стрела then he will continue on to have his own show. Now there are some things that i would like to happen. It seems that DC is trying to have a Телевидение universe with sidekicks. I mean Roy is already in Стрела and is going to be a regular on the show. I would like to see maybe Wally in the Flash show. If they did that then they could have a sidekick Показать maybe young justice live action? that would be awesome since i am a huge young justice Фан and i hate the fact that they canceled it right when it was getting good. I mean wally died. Young justice Фаны will know what I mean. This Показать can be fun или gritty. I highly doubt it will be the секунда one because of what type of character the flash is. Tell me what Ты think could happen. this is what this fansite is about telling everyone what Ты think will happen.