Mark St. Cyr
If Ты like a well-crafted bio-pic, then you’re going to Любовь the film "Marshall." It’s based on an early trial in the career of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall that later served as a template for his creation of the NAACP legal defense fund.

The film stars Chadwick Boseman in the Название role, as he heads to Connecticut to defend a black chauffeur charged with sexual assault and attempted murder of his white employer.

Joining the all-star cast is rising actor Mark St. Cyr. Originally from Louisiana, this now New York based actor has also appeared in Lifetime’s "I Любовь You…But I Lied," "Law & Order: SVU," "Royal Pains," and "Sneaky Pete."

Mark St. Cyr recently took some time to answer some Вопросы about his latest role in "Marshall":

Tell us about your role in "Marshall."

MARK: I play August, who is Langston Hughes' (Jussie Smollett) enigmatic boyfriend. Because the scene happens in a very public and very Популярное jazz club, our intimate relationship is only hinted at rather than open.

How was it to work alongside Chadwick Boseman and Jussie Smollett?

MARK: They were both very energized and focused performers. When the camera was on, their back and forth was palpable. When the camera was off, I recall there was lots of jokes and James Brown style singing.

What would Ты consider your characters ‘best’ quality? His poise. And their ‘worst’?

MARK: His need to be appreciated. Particularly by those he admires.

Any interesting stories from the set Ты can share with us?

MARK: I wish there'd been a before and after for me and Jussie before we got into our period look. Jussie showed up to set in FULL BEARD mode and then transformed into this amazing clean shaven, wavy hair look they created. I had let my hair and facial hair grow out as I didn't know how they'd want to style it. I felt like I went from looking homeless to looking like a millionaire in 30 minutes. I feel like I belong in that time period.

What’s the biggest lesson Ты learned from working on this project?

MARK: Be prepared for everything, and then be open to change. Everything Ты prepare is going to change when Ты get to set. Even if Ты prepared for change, it'll change again. The еще open Ты can be to change, the еще gifts Ты can find in the new circumstance.

And, now just for fun:
Who’s your Избранное actor/actress?

MARK: Oh man, I admire so many for different reasons that it's hard to pick just one. If I had to pick one of each...Mahershala Ali and Viola Davis.

What role from the past do Ты wish Ты could have played?

MARK: I'm still not old enough to have played this role, but I would've loved to have played Dr. Preston Burke in "Grey's Anatomy." The character reminds me of my Dad who's also a doctor who loves and plays jazz music. "Grey's Anatomy" was one of the first times I felt like I saw a representation of my world on TV.

Favorite movie или TV Показать from your childhood.

MARK: My Избранное movie..."Rocky." So much сердце in that movie. TV show..."Batman: The Animated Series." Бэтмен had couple of episodes that were so raw and dark that it changed my entire perception of what's possible in the world. I was about 6 when I saw it. Up until that point I'd never considered darkness as an aspect of the world we live in.

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.

MARK: I think it surprises people that don't know me super well that I can be a bit of an ice cream, cookie, and pie connoisseur. Someone recently told my girlfriend that he took great pleasure in seeing me eat утиль, барахло, мусор Еда at a movie. He feels like I eat "air." Admittedly I can be pretty disciplined with Еда but I Любовь to indulge now and then.

How can Фаны keep up with you?

MARK: I'm most active on Instagram @markstcyr link.
I'm also on Twitter @markstcyr link.
My website is link

Thanks, Mark – and keep indulging us with your work!

Actor Mark St. Cyr