Бэтмен has been the звезда of various shows and films. In addition to that Бэтмен has been played by several different actors. This Список is about my ranking of the live action versions of Batman.

Robert Lowery (Batman and Robin Movie Serial)

Adam West is actually the third live action Batman. There were two movie serials that came out in the 1940s. Sadly both movie serials are too outdated to be exciting. Because of that Mr. Lowery didn't get a chance to shine as Batman. Despite the movie serial's outdated qualities it did help Бэтмен become еще Популярное so Mr. Lowery's version of Бэтмен does have some importance despite me not being a Фан of the movie serials.

Lewis Wilson (Batman Movie Serial)

Lewis Wilson's the first actor that played Batman. His performance was slighty еще memorable than Mr. Lowery's Бэтмен even if he does have the disadvantage of being the звезда of a outdated form of entertainment. Despite that the first movie serial helped a lot of people find out about Бэтмен so Mr. Wilson does play a important role in the Бэтмен franchise.

Val Kilmer (Batman Forever)

Val Kilmer's Бэтмен got mixed reception. I think that Mr. Kilmer did a pretty good job as Bruce Wayne and a decent job as Batman. It's not as memorable as some of the other live action versions of Batman, but Mr. Kilmer's performance is underrated.

Michael Keaton (Batman, Бэтмен Returns)

Michael Keaton's version of Бэтмен does have some problems. Бэтмен is a muderer in these films and the two films focus too much on the villains. Thankfully Mr. Keaton was cool enough to make his Бэтмен threatening in a cool way. He even manages to have some dark humor.

Ben Affleck (DC Extended Universe)

Ben Affleck's version of Бэтмен is very serious despite some weird moments. Thankfully Mr. Affleck is charismatic as Bruce Wayne. He plays the character with enough serious and lighthearted qualities.

George Clooney (Batman and Robin)

Despite how hated the film was I think it's lots of fun. Mr. Clooney is great at playing the lighthearted parts of Bruce Wayne. He may not of been great at Batman's serious attributes, but he played a wholesome and charming Бэтмен well. It's the most underrated live action version of Batman.

Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises)

Christopher Nolan's Бэтмен films were full of impressive casting choices. Christian Bale had the honor of being the звезда of three of the biggest Бэтмен films. He was a very likeable and charming Bruce Wayne as well a inspiring and awesome Batman. He had several tasks to accomplish and he managed to do a good job at all of them.

Adam West (1966 live action Бэтмен Показать and film, 1977 animated show)

Adam West was the most well known and loved version of Бэтмен for decades. Mr. West's version of Бэтмен was supposed to be comedic, but he was so loveable and talented that his version of Бэтмен is the most likeable and heartwarming. It's hard not to get happy just from the wholesome and fun loving appeal of Adam West's Batman. In addition to that Mr. West was a huge Фан of Бэтмен and was incredibly nice and thankful to his fans. He's my Избранное Бэтмен actor, because he was the most heroic, sweet, and fun Бэтмен that I've ever seen.