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Фильмы The 86th Academy Awards - Nominators of 'BEST ACTOR'. Who do Ты think will win?

27 fans picked:
Matthew McConaughey – 'Dallas Buyers Club'
Leonardo DiCaprio – 'The волк of Стена Street'
Chiwetel Ejiofor – '12 Years a Slave'
Bruce Dern – 'Nebraska'
Christian Bale – 'American Hustle'
 valleyer posted Больше года
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backtoblack picked Matthew McConaughey – 'Dallas Buyers Club':
i think this is the least predictable category. i doubt christian bale would win but could be any of the other four
posted Больше года.
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IM-A-DEPP picked Matthew McConaughey – 'Dallas Buyers Club':
My though is the Oscars will snub Leo again and give the award for Matt.
To me it's 50/50 between Leo & Matt.
posted Больше года.
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65hnj43d6g picked Matthew McConaughey – 'Dallas Buyers Club':
SAG+Globe sealed the deal for McConaughey, yet I still lie to myself saying Ejiofor will win (at least I could see him picking up the BAFTA).
posted Больше года.