Фильмы 2011 Oscars - Pick Your Winner - Animated Feature Film

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Toy Story 3
Как приручить дракона
The Illusionist
 Eline_K posted Больше года
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Costa picked Toy Story 3:
The Illusionist? Don't you mean The Magic or something like that?
posted Больше года.
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Mongoose09 picked Toy Story 3:
I'd vote for Toy Story 3 anyway but why the freak isn't TANGLED NOMINATED?!?!?
posted Больше года.
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valleyer picked Toy Story 3:
No doubt. How to train your Dragon was great too though.
posted Больше года.
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Surpr1zzm33 picked The Illusionist:
"Toy Story 3" has it locked.
posted Больше года.