Фильмы Favourite character beginning with B? (feel free to add)

Pick one:
Balian [The kingdom of heaven]
Bella [Twilight]
Blade [Blade]
Britney [Bring it on; All или nothing]
Bellatrix Lestrange (harry potter)
Added by zanhar1
Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
Added by ppv
Brendan Frye (Brick)
Added by jlhfan624
Brandon (Sense and Sensibility)
Added by JAlanaE
Billy Darley (Death Sentence)
Added by DarkSarcasm
Brittany [The In Crowd]
Added by Ksenya
bob[suite life of zac and cody]
Added by twi
Борат [ Борат ]
Added by Kendraatje
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 shannon9396 posted Больше года
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