Фильмы Who's your Избранное movie character?

Pick one:
Robbie Turner - Atonement
Mark Darcy - Bridget Jones's Diary
Robert Philip - Зачарованная
Alex - He's Just Not That Into Ты
Graham - The Holiday
Christian - Moulin Rouge!
Noah Calhoun - The Notebook
Danny Walker - Pearl Harbor
Eddie Alden - Someone Like Ты
Jack Dawson - Титаник
Jasper Hale - Twilight series
Severus Snape - Harry Potter
Added by JAlanaE
Mr.Darcy - Pride&Prejudice
Added by ppv
Simba-The Lion King (I don`t know does he count)
Added by huddy_
John McClane - Die Hard
Added by mtoll4
Jim Stark - Rebel Without a Cause
Added by JStewartFan
Ronald Wesley - Harry Potter
Added by Vishee
John Hammond - Jurassic Park
Added by glezps
Donkey- Шрек Фильмы
Added by Kendraatje
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 puloobestreet posted Больше года
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