Фильмы My fave parts from a movie; Round 1 | A Walk To Remember. Pick your fave part?

Pick one:
"This girl is changing Ты and Ты don't even know it."
"What's there to talk about? She's the best person I've ever known. "
You're my only hope.
"Do Ты Любовь me?""Will Ты do something for me,then?""Anythin""Will Ты marryMe"
"I told Ты not to fall in Любовь with me. "
"I'm sorry she never got her miracle." "She did. It was you."
"I'm scared of not being with you. "
"This is about me, okay? This is not you. "
"You're my angel"
"You're in two places at once"
"I might Kiss you." "I might be bad at it." "That's not possible."
"Our Любовь is like the wind... I can't see it, but I sure can feel it. "
"It's like she chose you" "Yeah, I don't even know why" "I do"
The wedding.
 babe1492 posted Больше года
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