I haven't ever seen the whole Мулан Jr. but I have listened it's songs many time. First I was just bored and was going to make simple Опрос but I realised there's too many options which most of people should listen. Most of Мулан jr's songs are different versions of Фильмы songs или deleted songs. I don't know if this is review или comparison between the play and the movie или something else, I just started to write.

Written In Stone parts 1-3
I see dead people
The ancestors:
Laozi represents Honor and is the leader of the group. Lin represents Loyalty and is the hardest on Mulan; Lin doesn't appreciate any challenges to the old-world belief system. Zhang represents Strength, the strong silent type. Hong represents Destiny and is Laozi's right-hand man. Yun represents Любовь and is like mother figure to Мулан that eventually encourages the others to support Мулан for who she is.

Written in stone is opening of the play, they have 5 kind of main ancestor as presenters of the story. The song presents Ancient China and people's view of the world. It tells each persons' different duty, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. It's quite beautiful song and good intro. In the end there's however one thing that bothers me in the play, they have Мулан a bit out of character. Мулан runs middle of Пение people and breaks the harmony and everyone yells her angrily.


Bride Practice
In bride practice Мулан writes her notes trying to remember everything. Ancestors sings their advices from background. Mulan's attitude to things she writes down is ironical and she clearly doesn't appreciate them. Unlike in the movie but however nice song.


Honor To Us All part 1
"I hope this oyster will produce a pearl"

This part is just practically Fa Zhou Пение his pray to ancestors to help Мулан with the Matchmaker. Ancestors also sings and they just say that she needs a lot of luck. It's short and funny song and was followed by original Honor To Us All.


Honor To Us All part 3
At least she tried

This song is after Мулан fails the Matchmaker test. The ancestors are worried who will bring honor to them and Мулан apologies her father.
Little fill up song to Показать Мулан was disappointment.


Written In Stone reprise
"Let me rise from the ashes of my destiny"

Written In Stone reprise is one of my Избранное songs in the play. It's when Мулан takes her father's place in place of "Decicion". It shows Мулан little еще selfish than in movie but it's so beautiful. It also makes me to understand movie's scene better. All of Ты have probably seen Mulan's decision(if not link), each new place we see the picture is cut to faces, painted или ornament или Животные watching her to go. It's purposely like that, the faces represent Mulan's ancestors they're watching all the time what Мулан is doing.
In the song I Любовь Mulan's line "Eye's of my ancestors shine bright for me" It clearly shows that Мулан feel that she's being stared at. Another part which I like is the line "face in the mirror is a strange new face", Мулан is not pretending to be someone else anymore so she can see new face in the mirror.


Honor To Us All reprise
"Look out old Mushu is back"

Short Mushu's song when he's going after Мулан and he's very confident about himself. Here can hear how highly he thinks his abilities.


Keep 'Em Guessing
Shoulders back, knees apart, head up and wh- knees apart?

During Keep 'Em Guessing Mushu tries to teach Мулан to be a man and gives her advices. It's before Мулан arrives to camp and it's brisk and funny song.


A Girl Worth Fighting For reprise
"Please let it be all worth fighting for"

A Girl Worth Fighting For reprise is so beautiful and meaningful song which Мулан mainly sings. It's when they find out Chinese army is beaten and Shang's father is dead. This song put characters realise that war is not fun. They don't sing anymore about girls they want to get but something that would be worth of all this.


Written In Stone/Reflection reprise
"Am I nothing еще than a china doll?"

Written In Stone ansReflection reprises are after Мулан is found out to be a girl. Ancestors are on the background again and sing how Мулан is just "little china doll" and that's all her destiny is going to be. Мулан sings part of Reflection while pondering over it. Her song stops abruptly and she says she sees nothing. It's nice development to the song as when she first time song it she saw something she wasn't but now she couldn't see anything.


Written In Stone final version
"Nice kick Mushu"

There Мулан has got her confidence back, she's going to warn Shang about the Huns. She believes herself again and realises her story can be written in stone by her, that she can choose her own path.

In the movie she wasn't yet so confident, when Shang didn't belive her she tried to get other people to belive and to do something instead of her. She knew she had to do something but she didn't believe she could take care of things herself. When herself. Shan Yu showed up she got back her faith in


Keep 'Em Guessing reprise
"Does this dress make me look fat?"

This is funny and lighten up song. Here Мулан teach gang of three AND Shang how to be a girl. I have сказал(-а) it many time but for some reason I can't imagine Мулан to be so kind of bossy like here. They have portrayed her еще a tomboy than she is.


A Girl Worth Fighting For final version
"Go get your horse and ride after her Ты idiot"

A Girl Worth Fighting For final version is nice song where Emperor, gang of three and practically everyone try to get Shang realise to go after Mulan. It's funny how hard it is to Shang get the hint.


Honor To Us All final version
Look how she started what she's now

Here Ancestors and practically all of China praise Мулан how she saved China how she dared to do things differently and then brought great honor to her family. I think it's in the play as kind of summary of the lesson they tried to teach and well it's just nice to hear people sing that Мулан did bring honor to her family after all.


Keep 'Em Guessing final version
One of the rare scenes where her right ear is shown and her left isn't

Keep 'Em Guessing final version is some short of end credits song where actors come to stage and bow. There Keep 'em guessing's original point is little twisted. They sing that prove those wrong who thinks low about Ты and kind of keep them guessing what Ты really are like. In the play was many endings just like in the movie and both ends with the most cheerful one.

I already сказал(-а) they used deleted songs in the play, here is Ссылки to original deleted versions just in case anyone is interested.