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Hello, everyone! I'm going to rank the outfits Мулан wears throughout her movie in this article. Let's get started.

Soldier outfit
I like it but it's nothing that much special. The other dresses are definitely еще beautiful. This is just the outfit she wears as a soldier.

The training outfit
This one actually fits Мулан a lot and she looks prettier wearing this at the end. в общем и целом, общая it is lovely.

The green, blue and yellow dress
I actually like this dress a lot. I like the multi colors. It looks comfortable and really pretty.

The blue dress
I Любовь the Цвета in this dress. It also looks very comfortable. It fits Мулан a lot. I Любовь the Дизайн and the style of this dress.

The red dress
The Цвета of this dress are amazing. Мулан looks beautiful in this dress. This is one of the best Дисней princess dresses.

All the dresses of Мулан are likable. They are very lovely and have very wonderful designs and colors.

Thanks for reading!
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