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I am not sure, Allah knows

Signs at the major and minor signs of full-time in the order in detail the salary arrangement full major junior

'Marks time in the Islamic religion is a set of phenomena and events indicates the occurrence and the imminence of the день of Judgement, Muslim scholars divided into two labels:
• Minor signs of the Hour.
• signs of big time.

Minor signs of the час

1. Mission of the Prophet Mohammed bin Abdullah.
2. Splitting of the moon and this was on 14 December of the fifth год prior to migration to the opinion of many scientists.
3. The death of the Prophet Muhammad....
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1. Al-Fatihah
2. Al-Baqarah
3. Al-'Imran
4. An-Nisa'
5. Al-Ma'idah
6. Al-An'am
7. Al-A'raf
8. Al-Anfal
9. Al-Bara'at / At-Taubah
10. Yunus
11. Hud
12. Yusuf
13. Ar-Ra'd
14. Ibrahim
15. Al-Hijr
16. An-Nahl
17. Bani Isra'il
18. Al-Kahf
19. Maryam
20. Ta Ha
21. Al-Anbiya'
22. Al-Hajj
23. Al-Mu'minun
24. An-Nur
25. Al-Furqan
26. Ash-Shu'ara'
27. An-Naml
28. Al-Qasas
29. Al-'Ankabut
30. Ar-Rum
31. Luqman
32. As-Sajdah
33. Al-Ahzab
34. Al-Saba'
35. Al-Fatir
36. Ya Sin
37. As-Saffat
38. Sad
39. Az-Zumar
40. Al-Mu'min
41. Ha Mim
42. Ash-Shura
43. Az-Zukhruf
44. Ad-Dukhan
45. Al-Jathiyah
46. Al-Ahqaf
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