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danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys
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This My Chemical Romance фото might contain санузел, ванна, ванная комната, уборная, and туалетная комната.

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So yeah... this is kind of like my Green день article, except my Письмо has gotten quite shitty since then, so don't blame me if this sounds terrible (even though it is my fault. Shut up, brain). I also may have gotten a few facts wrong, so please correct me if I did. This Статья is трещина, сплит into 4 parts, so yeah, enjoy!

When Ты hear the words My Chemical Romance, what do Ты think of? Maybe Ты think of 4 guys who’ve been there for each other for over a decade. Maybe Ты think of them as Герои and saviours of lives, like I do. But most people choose to stereotype and think of them as cult...
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