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"This part of the story is all about Axel and his past."

(Right here Axel is having Ice Cream with his best and only friend in the Organization, Roxas while they whatched the sun set)
(Axel's Past)
"Axel wait up I need to catch up," сказал(-а) a mysterious stallion as he ran to Axel, "Hey come on Roxas Ты got to catch up if Ты want to see the sunset." сказал(-а) Axel,"OK I'm want to see the suset man just wait I got to buy the ice cream. As Axel and Roxas sat on the old clock tower eating ice cream and Axel asked,"Hey Roxas why does the sun set red?","Huh I don't know i just want to watch the sunset ha ha ha," сказал(-а) Roxas,"Okay still the sets red Ты see light is made out of tons of Цвета but red is the one that travels the farthest." сказал(-а) Axel,"Like I asked know it all." as Roxas laughed and also Axel laughed too

(This part is in the morning well Siax tells Axel to замок Oblivion)
The Далее morning as Axel woke up Siax called him to the meeting room. As Axel and Saix were in the meeting room Saix said,"Axel go to замок Oblivion and destroy Marluxia and his team we know already they will use Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna to overthrow the Organization XIII we just need Ты to destroy them because they won't get suspicious of Ты ok,","Sure thing boss,"said Axel as he teleported to замок Oblivion,"Oh yeah tell Roxas I will miss him ok Siax?" asked Axel," Huh sure we will have a talk once your done with this," сказал(-а) Siax.

(This is for Axel and Luna talking to make sure his plan works perfectly)
"Okay I am here I got to make замок Oblivion visible to Twilight oh yeah the everfree forest perfect so he made замок Oblivion teleport to the everfree forest. As twilight came walking to the everfree forest she saw замок Oblivion, Ok Twilight go to замок Oblivion. "Okay Twilight entered замок Oblivion I got to get Princess Luna so my plan will work perfectly," сказал(-а) Axel. "Huh ok I got to raise the moon now ok sister," asked Luna,"Ok now Ты can it is about night now," сказал(-а) Celestia, so when Luna finished raising the moon Axel came and had a conversation with Luna, Luna understated every word and went with the plan.

(This all about to come to the present time in the story so this is just for people who want's to know who Axel is and what he is doing)
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I recently watched the movie. May или may not post a reaction/opinion Статья about it but this will do for now.
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This might sound like a weird idea, but I think that Princess Twilight Sparkle should be the Queen of Equestria. I think that Twilight Sparkle would be a better ruler than Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadence.

Although Twilight may be younger she's a way better hero than the other members of royalty. I thought the other princesses were fine, until watching some of Lily Peet's YouTube reviews which changed my Просмотры on the princesses. Lily pointed out than when the villains come Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Shining Armor do nothing. Twilight and her Друзья are the Герои that defeat villains....
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