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posted by btflash
I know this should be for some other club, but I'd like to... well... "Educate" people on proper usage of words, phrases, and grammar in general.

So please, allow me to present:
by btflash

I'm on kind of a short mind-set at the moment, so these "lessons" will definitely grow in number as time goes on and I add lessons.

PLEASE NOTE: These lessons are set in the order in which that I think of them and add them. If Ты would like a lesson to be added, please post what the topic of сказал(-а) lesson would be in the Комментарии below или Private Message me. I will gladly add the lesson if it is reasonable.

If Ты think that I am incorrect on something, please tell me and state your reasoning. I understand that I am only human, and that I make mistakes.

First Lesson: Your/You're.

I can't even tell Ты how many people get these words mixed up. That's why this is the first one to come to mind.
The word "Your" is used as a possessive, или when saying that an object belongs to someone. It should not be used to describe someone.

"Hey, Billy, your fly is down." = Correct
"Hey, Billy, you're fly is down." = Incorrect

The word "You're" is a completely different word. You're is a "Contraction" that is short for "You Are," and it is used to usually describe someone in some shape way. It cannot, and should not, be used as a possessive in place of "your."

"Robert, you're a terrible person." = Correct
"Robert, your a terrible person." = Incorrect

секунда Lesson: Their/There/They're

This is another set of commonly confused words that I see a lot around here. Contrary to Популярное belief, "there" should not be used instead of the other two words.

The word "Their" is used as a possessive, или when saying that an object belongs to someone, in place of someone's или multiple people's name(s).

"All of their Кошки are dead." = Correct
"All of there Кошки are dead." = Incorrect

The word "There" is used when a person/object is used instead of using a location's name when pointing out an object being in that location. It is NOT used for possessive, nor is it used as a conjecture in place of "They are".

"The sandbox is over there." = Correct
"All of there Кошки are dead." = Incorrect
"There going to the park" = Incorrect

The word "They're" is a "Contraction" that is often used to replace "They are."

"They're going to the park" = Correct
"There going to the park" = Incorrect

Third Lesson: To/Too/Two

Yet another set of commonly-confused words (gee, there are a lot of them!), due to the fact that these are incredibly close when it comes to spelling. No, "To" is NOT used for everything. I literally had to look these things up because it's a bit hard to explain.

The word "To" is what is called a "Preposition," which means it usually comes before a present verb used as either a noun, adjective, или adverb. It is also commonly used in an exchange.

"I'm going to give this box to Joe." = Correct

"I want to go to the park" = Correct

"I want to get a toy, to." = Incorrect

The word "Too" is mainly used, much like a contraction, instead of the words "as well."

"I want to get a toy, too." = Correct

"I want to get a toy, to" = Incorrect

The word two is the number 2. It's not used for anything else. Just the number 2.

"I have two Pokemon games." = Correct

"I have to Pokemon games." = Incorrect

"I have too Pokemon games." = Incorrect

Please Комментарий on any lessons that Ты would want added, and I hope Ты have gained something from these little "Lessons."
posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 6: New 52 Justice League International #1 - #6

[Warning! This review contains spoilers!]

Nick: Hello and welcome to another episode of Comic Talk!

Sunset Shimmer: Today we are going to talk about the New 52 Justice League issues #1 - #6!

Nick: Our story starts with Booster Золото being selected by the UN to make a super hero team.

Sunset Shimmer: The UN explains that they wanted to make their own "Justice League", but the superheroes wouldn't be independent.

Nick: So Booster Золото gathers a small group of heroes, which consist of August General in Iron, Fire, Godiva, Ice, Rocket Red, and Vixen....
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Tom: Well, we hope Ты enjoyed this episode, because now, it's time for the bloopers.
Audience: *Clapping*

Blooper song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9k0WKLYXzE

Frank & Wilson: We already did the intro!!
Audience: *Laughing*
Matt: Well, considering the fact that I'm blind, I'm going to throw this laptop away. *Throws it at a taxi*
Taxi Pony: Hey, you're gonna pay for that!
Audience: *Laughing*


Matt: This is getting too random. *Climbs into Gordon's cab* Okay Болталка talking train that I can't see because I'm blind, take me home.
Audience: *Laughing*
Gordon: Uh, I'm not even on the...
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Эй, guys, bluethunder25 here. Over the past number of weeks, I've been developing an Equestria Girls fanfic on Fanfiction.net called, 'Warriors of Equestria.' I'm still in the mental development stage, but this Статья is to give Ты a Предварительный просмотр of what's to come.

Let me start off with the story. Warriors of Equestria is a spinoff of the Equestria Girls movies. Instead of being one fanfic, this will be a series of fanfics, each with a different story. The story itself in this one, focuses on the HuMane 6; Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, радуга Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy. The six go...
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A great song for a great pony.
радуга dash
my little пони
Дружба — это чудо
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Date: August 17, 1959
Location: Ogden, Utah
Time: 6:57 AM
Railroad: Southern Pacific

Meadow was laying in her постель, кровати not feeling well.

Nikki: I'll come back around noon to check on you, and see how you're feeling.
Meadow: Thanks sis.
Nikki: *Walks out of Meadow's room*
Meadow: *Looks out the window*
Nikki: *Walking across the street, and into the station*
Meadow: *Gets out of her bed*

What's this? She was pretending to be sick! Just as soon as Nikki was gone, and had no way to look at the house from where she was currently standing, Meadow went for her car, and decided to go.... Ты guessed it....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: August 16, 1959
Location: Ogden, Utah
Time: 6:50 AM
Railroad: Southern Pacific

Nikki, and Meadow were having breakfast.

Nikki: Drink some coffee.
Meadow: No thank you.
Nikki: Ты should have some to keep Ты awake.
Meadow: I don't need it.
Nikki: Ты stayed up really late last night doing that drag racing bullshit. Ты need to drink coffee.
Meadow: *Walks away*
Nikki: Where are Ты going?
Meadow: Work.
Nikki: We have ten минуты until it starts!
Meadow: I don't care.

Nikki was concerned for Meadow. She never acted like this before. Later that day, Meadow was in Cheyenne, and Nikki was driving...
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