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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con ran toward the boats, and when he started one of them the koreans caught up.

Con: *sticks blade toward them*
koreans: *stand still*
Con: What Ты might call, a sharp edge on things. *drives away*
koreans: After him!
Con: Come on, why is this thing going slower?
filly: Hello sir.
Con: Hi.
filly: Would Ты like a wooden elephant? I hand crafted it myself.
Con: I'll tell Ты what. Ты make this лодка go faster, and I'll pay Ты for it.
filly: Really? How much?
Con: Nothing *pushes filly off boat*
Constaple Weston B. River: I hate China.
Constaple's wife: Come on Weston, we just got here.
Con: *drives past constaple*
Weston B. River: Hey! Watch where you're going!
koreans: Move! We're after that C.I.E agent!
Weston B, River: I'm not in charge of the лодка lad.
koreans: *ram boat*
Weston B. River: What the bloody hell do Ты think you're doing?
koreans: We have him surrounded!
Con: *destroys enemy boat*
Weston B. River: Hahaha! Maybe Далее time you'll learn not to mess with a secret agent!
Constaple's wife: Weston, you'll only make them еще angry.
Weston B. River: Good, they deserve it.

Meanwhile Con went to the hotel he was staying at with Berry Goodnight.

Berry: Where were you?
Con: Dealing with koreans.
Berry: Were any of them mares?
Con: No. Why do Ты think I'm cheating on you, even though we're not dating?
Berry: I don't think that.
Con: Yeah sure Ты do.

But then, the lights went out. And Berry started shouting.

Con: Who's there?
Hattan: Someone that want's Ты dead.
Sneak Peak: Let's go!
Con: *turns on light*
Hattan: Oh. We have the wrong body.
Sneak Peak: Run *runs with Berry*
Berry: Con, help!
Con: *runs after Hattan*
Hattan: Put her in the trunk.
Sneak Peak: With pleasure *places Berry in trunk*
Hattan: *drives off*
Con: Great, now what?

He украл, палантин a car from the dealership, but found someone with him he wasn't expecting. Who is it? Find out in the Далее car chase packed part of The Mare With The Golden Gun.
 Constaple Weston B. River
Constaple Weston B. River
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YTP is short for Youtube poop. I have no idea why it's called that, so don't ask me.
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Seanthehedgehog Presents

The Adventures Of радуга Dash

Starring the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria, радуга Dash

Her German sidekick, Pinkie Pie

The main villian, Discord

Discord's sidekicks: Screwball, Karl, and Kyle

Episode 9

Who Pulled The Trigger?

Discord was in his secret lair, wondering how to get back at радуга Dash.

Discord: I can't understand it. No matter what I do to defeat her, it fails.
Karl: Well, shouldn't Ты be Друзья with her already?
Kyle: Yeah. You're Друзья with her in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic show.
Discord: It's just a show. This...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: January 10, 1957
Location: East of Ogden, Utah

Duke was driving his train eastbound to Cheyenne. He was feeling fine when all of a sudden, he blacked out again.

Duke: I gotta stay awake.... *Falls asleep, and leans on speed lever*

The train started to go faster much to the surprise of the passengers. The conductor was worried, and got on his walkie talkie to talk to Duke.

Conductor: Hey, you're going too fast.
Duke: *Sleeping*
Conductor: Эй, Duke, this isn't like Ты buddy. Wake up!
Duke: *Wakes up* I blacked out. Who won the war?
Conductor: There's no war going on. Stop the train.
Duke: *Applies...
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What do Ты get when Ты take the scariest games of all time, Silent Hill, and пересекать, крест it with one of the greatest animated shows, My Little пони Friendship is Magic. Not only do Ты get a scary fanfic, but Ты get one of the best in fanfic history.
So, this has many different fanfics, but I am going to talk about two of the best. First, Silent Ponyville 1. It starts with Pinkie have horrifying dreams. They happen every night, but then goes to Twilight and asks her to use her Музыка to help with those dreams. So, Twilight does it, only for Pinkie to end up in a horrifying abandoned, scary looking...
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The fight continued, and Gilda was getting beat by радуга Dash.

McKing: Can anypony help Gilda?
Gilda: Why can't Ты help me?
McKing: Because I have to give orders to the griffons killing those ponies.
Gilda: Well hurry up so that Ты can help me!
Rainbow Dash: *Hits Gilda's wing*
Applejack: *Killing griffons*
Rarity: *Hiding under bridge* I shouldn't be fighting....
Rainbow Dash: *Continues fighting Gilda*
Gilda: *Blocking attacks*
McKing: Max, how many soldiers do we have left?
Max: Only twelve.
McKing: Then Отменить the attack on the castle. We must help Gilda.
Applejack: *Kills McKing*
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails

Starring the Union Pacific ponies

Pierce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Coffee Crème "Frenchy" From Karina_Brony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

NocturnalMirage from NochurnalMirage

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Wilson, Ike and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Also starring the Southern Pacific ponies.

Nikki West From Jade_23

Michael, Roger, and Anthony From Seanthehedgehog

Episode 55

Hawkeye's Party

August 25, 1956

At 6:55 AM, most of the ponies were heading to...
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Credit: AnimatorPhoenix ; An important, friendly reminder from радуга Dash.
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