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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Peter's wife, Kayla
Peter's wife, Kayla
At the hospital, a пони on a постель, кровати was being rolled down a hallway. He was being filmed by news reporters.

News: Can Ты tell us who did this to you?
Scorpio: It was somepony working for the San Franciscolt Police Department. Some call him Dirty Harry, and he beat me up like this for no reason.
Captain: *turns off tv* Explain this to me.
Harry: I was nowhere near him.
Captain: Then how come he's saying Ты beat him up?!
Harry: He's framing me.
Captain: If Ты touch him once more, I'm gonna suspend Ты of your work.
Harry: Yeah whatever *leaves police station*

Harry was at another hospital where his partner was at.

Peter: Thanks for coming to check on me Ты guys.
Harry: No problem Pete.
Kayla: You're welcome handsome.
Peter: Tell the kids I'm going to be out in four days.
Kayla: Sure thing baby *kisses Peter*
Nurse: Ok Ты two, your time is up.
Harry & Kayla: *walk down stairs*
Kayla: How do Ты know Peter?
Harry: He's my partner in the police force.
Kayla: That's nice. How many crimes did Ты solve together?
Harry: None. But he helped me prevent a пони from killing himself.
Kayla: Wow.
Harry: I went up to where he was about to jump, and when he did jump I caught him.
Kayla: Why did he jump with Ты up there?
Harry: I forced him to. Do Ты enjoy being married to a cop?
Kayla: Why? What's your wife like?
Harry: She died three years ago.
Kayla: Oh, that's so sad.
Harry: Yeah. Peter's a good пони I don't want the same stuff happening to him.

That night, in a gunshop.

Scorpio: Hello.
Cashier: Hi, how are you?
Scorpio: I'm great. Listen, I need a gun, any gun.
Cashier: Well I have a Walther from WW2.
Scorpio: Let me see it.
Cashier: *shows gun
Scorpio: Ok *K.O's cashier*

After knocking out the cashier, Scorpio украл, палантин ammo for the gun he had, and took еще money. He was now going to make his escape.

2 B continued
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Let's all congratulate btflash on his win! I know there were many runner-ups but I'm sure you'll win Далее month! In September...

Congratulations on winning! How do Ты feel?
To be honest, when I first saw I was winning, I was surprised. I really didn't expect to win this месяц xD

Who is best pony?
I'd say Twilight, but Shining Armor's 20% cooler

Who is your Избранное background pony?
Colgate. I really like the color blue

If Ты could create an episode in the show, what would the plot be about?
I would Любовь to see an episode where the cake twins have their own little adventure over something that...
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