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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Meanwhile at Twilight's house

Spike: *grabs hammer* Time to get my ice cream! *hits refrigerator*

The refrigerator then flew out of the door

Spike: Ugh! What do I do now?
Sapphire Shores: *driving new car* Is that a refrigerator in my way?
Spike: *hits refrigerator*
Sapphire Shores: *stops* Whoa, hey! What's going on?
Spike: I tried opening this, but the door won't move.
Sapphire Shores: *sees lock* Hmm, have Ты noticed the lock on the door?
Spike: WHAT?! *hits refrigerator* Damn this stupid fucking refrigerator to hell! Damn the lock!!! Damn Twilight! And Damn the Ice Cream for being in there!!! *opens refrigerator*
Sapphire Shores: That was..
Spike: I know. Violent
Sapphire Shores: SENSATIONAL!! Nice work getting the door open.
Spike: Thanks, but I have to make myself a milkshake *runs to house with ice cream*
Sapphire Shores: What about your fridge?
Spike: Keep it!

On the train however, things weren't going our way

Sean: Girls, do Ты hear an airplane?
Pinkie Pie: Was ist das? *looks out window*
Nazis: *flying airplanes*
Sean: Get down *grabs machine gun*
Nazis: Feind in Sicht ist, machen Sie sich bereit zu feuern
Sean: *fires machine gun*
Nazis: *dodge bullets* NOW!! *shoot windows*
Rarity: Oh jeez! That one peice of glass nearly hit me!
Sean: *shoots wing on airplane*
Nazi pilot 1: Ich gehe nach unten!
Nazi pilot 2: Ich werde mit логово, ден Feinden umzugehen *gets to back of train*
Sean: He's turning around for another pass!

Still, could be worse

Spike: *sees ice cream* Great! How am I going to get it out of this box though? *sees chainsaw* Hmmmm

10 секунды later

Spike: *uses chainsaw* Here we go *gets ice cream all over house* Oh no!

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