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Seanthehedgehog Presents

The Adventures Of радуга Dash

Based off the TV Show, Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog

Starring the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria, радуга Dash

Her German sidekick, Pinkie Pie

The main villian, Discord

Discord's sidekicks: Screwball, Karl, and Kyle

Episode 2

винная бутыль, magnum, магнум Horse

One день радуга Dash went to get a newspaper. She was very eager to read the news until..

радуга Dash: *Reading newspaper* Whoa. Four ponies in a car die? What is all this about? *Goes to Sugarcube corner*

At sugarcube corner

Pinkie Pie: *Making candy*
радуга Dash: *Arrives* Pinkie Pie. Have Ты read the news?
Pinkie Pie" Nien, not yet. Why?
радуга Dash: Look *Shows Pinkie newspaper*
Pinkie Pie: Ooh! Ice Cream becomes most delicious Еда ever? Thanks for Показ me that.
радуга Dash: No, above that.
Pinkie Pie: *reading article* Ach. We must investigate.

The two Друзья arrive at the crime scene. Four police officers were there.

радуга Dash: What happened?
Police Lieutenant: Somepony killed these four for no reason.
Police Biker 1: And look. *shows bomb* Whoever killed these ponies must not have wanted anyone to see what happened.
Police Lieutenant: I gotta take this to police headquarters. Will Ты two take us there? *Gives радуга Dash keys to his car* I want to get a closer look at this bomb.
радуга Dash: If Ты say so. *Enters driver's seat*
Pinkie Pie: *Sits in back*
Police Lieutenant: *Sits Далее to радуга Dash*
радуга Dash: *Starts to drive*
Discord: And now, you're going to turn onto the freeway.
радуга Dash: But that's heading away from Police Headquarters. *Sees Discord* Ты were disguised as a cop?!
Discord: That's right. Now Ты two are going to do exactly what I say.
Pinkie Pie: или else what?
Discord: I kill Ты two.
радуга Dash: Is that all Ты care about? Killing?
Pinkie Pie: I'll bet you're the one that killed those four ponies in the car, weren't you?
Discord: No that was Karl, and Kyle. Those four in the car got to the wrong side of the road.
радуга Dash: Oh sure, that's a great reason to kill somepony. What's next? Ты kill somepony for J walking? или perhaps Ты kill them for traffic violations?
Discord: No радуга Dash, I'm going to kill two ponies for trying to ruin my plans.
Screwball: *Riding a motorcycle behind them*
Discord: Actually, Screwball is going to do that. Pull over, so that Ты two will die еще easily.
радуга Dash: *Drifts*
Discord: Whoa! *Falls towards Pinkie Pie*
Pinkie Pie: *Attacking Discord*
Screwball: *Following радуга Dash*
Pinkie Pie: *Knocks out Discord*
радуга Dash: *Floors it*
Screwball: *Follows*
радуга Dash: *Turns right nearly hitting a car*
Screwball: *Follows*
радуга Dash: *Turns left*
Screwball: *Turns left*
радуга Dash: *Turns right*
Pinkie Pie: *Rolling over car* I think I'm going to be sick.
радуга Dash: *Turns left*
Screwball: *Follows*
радуга Dash: *Driving up hill*
Screwball: *shoots back window*
радуга Dash: *Driving towards railroad crossing*
Pinkie Pie: Dashie, there's a train coming!
радуга Dash: *Drives onto train tracks*
Screwball: *Follows*
радуга Dash: *Drives onto station platform*
Passengers: *Dodging car* Hey! Learn how to drive!!
Screwball: *Following*
радуга Dash: *Crashes into Jeep*
Screwball: *Catching up*
радуга Dash: *Turns car around*
Pinkie Pie: *Pushes Discord out of car*
радуга Dash: *Hits Screwball's bike*
Screwball: *Falls off*
Pinkie Pie: Well, that takes care of that.
Karl & Kyle: *arrive on motorcycles*
радуга Dash: Not quite. *Driving fast*
Karl & Kyle: *Following радуга Dash*
радуга Dash: *Drives onto docks*
Karl & Kyle: *Continue to follow радуга Dash*
Pinkie Pie: Stop the car.
радуга Dash: *Stops by boat*

The two ran into the boat, while Karl and Kyle decided to ride in there on their bikes.

радуга Dash: Quick, up here. *Goes upstairs*
Pinkie Pie: *Goes upstairs*
Karl & Kyle: *Arrive*
Kyle: Get your bike on вверх of this thing, and trap them off.
Karl: Ok *Rides to вверх of boat*
Kyle: *Goes upstairs*
радуга Dash: трещина, сплит up. *Goes left*
Pinkie Pie: *Goes right*
Karl: *going downstairs*
радуга Dash: *Hides in room*
Kyle: *Arriving*
Pinkie Pie: *Heading to вверх of boat*
Kyle: *Heading towards room*
радуга Dash: *Knocks out Kyle*
Karl: Kyle?
радуга Dash: *Hides Kyle*
Karl: Kyle?
Pinkie Pie: *Goes towards bike* I'm going to steal this. *Tries to start bike*

Pinkie had to push on the starting pedal to make the bike start, but she wasn't doing it hard enough.

Karl: *Hears engine* Aha! *Goes towards his bike*
радуга Dash: *Quietly exits room*
Pinkie Pie: *Fails to start engine* Nein! *Tries again* It didn't work!
Karl: *Riding bike towards вверх of boat*
Pinkie Pie: *Starts bike* Ja! *Rides towards ramp*
Karl: *Arrives at ramp*
Pinkie Pie: *Turns bike around*
Karl: *Follows Pinkie Pie*
Pinkie Pie: *Jumps onto another boat*
Karl: *Going faster*

Pinkie Pie had to brake, или else she would go off the лодка

Pinkie Pie: *Falls off bike* Ow. At least I didn't fall over the edge.
Karl: *Going too fast*
Pinkie Pie: *Gets out of Karl's way*
Karl: *Tries to brake*

It was too late. Karl fell off the boat, and towards the cold water below.

After defeating Discord's sidekick's радуга Dash, and Pinkie Pie were walking towards Discord's car.

радуга Dash: *Reaches for bomb*
Discord: Hold it right there *Holding gun*
радуга Dash: *Activates bomb to go off in five minutes*
Pinkie Pie: We defeated Ты again.
Discord: Ты only defeated me twice, and Ты also defeated my teammates. *Pointing gun at радуга Dash* It's your fault. But the only reason I'm not going to kill you, is because I'm going to call the police. *Gets in his car* They're going to arrest you. *Starts car* And nopony will believe you. You're a menace радуга Dash. A menace. *drives away*
Pinkie Pie: A menace?
радуга Dash: He's not going to get away with calling me that.

Suddenly, an explosion occurred.

Discord: *Flying out of car* I HATE THAT PEGASUS!!
радуга Dash: *Watching Discord fly into sky*

The End.
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