The Story of Corporal Agarn

Theme song

Though he goes on a rage from time to time
He is a very good friend of mine
And in Fort Courage he is well known as
Corporal Agarn

Starring Master Sword as Corporal Agarn
Tom Foolery as Captain Parmenter
Saten Twist as Sargent O' Rourke
Mortomis as Dobbs, the bugler
Snow Wonder as Wrangler Jane
Cosmic радуга as Corporal Vanderbilt
Blaze as Corporal Duffy
Sean as Chief Wild Eagle
and Sonic as Crazy Cat

It was a regular день at the fort. Wrangler Jane walked into Captain Parmenter's office.

Captain Parmenter: *Signing papers, but when he sees Jane, he drops his pen, and stands up, bumping the desk, and making all of the paper work fall off*
Audience: *Laughing*
Jane: May I help Ты pick those up?
Captain Parmenter: No thanks Jane, I got it. *Trips, and falls down* Yes Jane, I don't got it.
Audience: *Laughing*
Captain Parmenter: *Stands up*
Jane: *Picks up the papers* What are all of these for?
Captain Parmenter: We're getting еще ammunition for our guns. I have to send these papers to Canterlot so Celestia can stamp them for approval, and send us the ammunition herself.
Jane: Do we really need еще gun ammo? Some soldiers like Agarn, Dobbs, and Vanderbilt don't even know how to use one.
Captain Parmenter: Oh they know how to use guns. They're just not good at anything else.
Audience: *Laughing*
Sargent O' Rourke: *Arrives* Hello Jane.
Jane: Howdy Sarge. *Leaves the office*
Sargent O' Rourke: With the Captain's permission, I can take these papers to the post office once Ты finish signing them.
Captain Parmenter: We have another captain here?
Audience: *Laughing*
Sargent O' Rourke: No, you're the only captain here.
Captain Parmenter: Oh, alright then. *Signs one еще paper* There we go, I'm done.
Sargent O' Rourke: *Takes the papers, and walks to the post office*

On his way to the post office, O' Rourke met Agarn.

Corporal Agarn: Эй, Sarge, I was talking to the Hikawis, and they сказал(-а) they could get us extra ammunition for a fair price.
Sargent O' Rourke: But I already have the forms filled out, and I'm taking them to be sent to Canterlot right now.
Corporal Agarn: But Sargent, that could take days to have finished. We could talk to the Hikawis, and they could give us the ammo we need right now.
Sargent O' Rourke: Hm, you're right. Agarn, I don't know why ponies say you're dumb.
Corporal Agarn: Well thank Ты Sargent, but-- WHO SAYS I'M DUMB?!!?
Audience: *Laughing*

Later, at the Hikawi Camp

Wild Eagle: *Sees O' Rourke, and Agarn arrive on Humans* Sargent, so honored to see Ты two arrive again.
Sargent O' Rourke: We just came by to see the ammunition Ты have for us.
Wild Eagle: It's ready for twenty four dollars.
Corporal Agarn: See? I told Ты Sarge. They give us our ammo for a fair price.
Wild Eagle: And two diamonds.
Audience: *Laughing*
Sargent O' Rourke: But, where are we going to get two diamonds?
Wild Eagle: Crazy Cat spotted ten Comanche Indians, protecting two diamonds in a cave. I want Ты to get them for me.
Sargent O' Rourke: Okay. We'll find a way to sneak past them, and get the diamonds for you. *Leaves with Corporal Agarn*
Wild Eagle: *Walks over to Crazy Cat* You're good.
Crazy Cat: *Reveals the two diamonds* We'll be even richer now.
Audience: *Laughing*

To be continued in the Далее episode.

Ponies: *Singing* Though he goes on a rage from time to time, he is a very good friend of mine. And in Fort Courage he is well known as, Corporal Agarn.
Dobbs: *Playing the горн, стеклярус poorly*
Corporal Agarn: I'm warning Ты Dobbs!
Audience: *Laughing*

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