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Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GWv8JaJpc8

Nazis: *Firing at Sean, and his teammates with 50 caliber machine guns*
Pony: *Gets hit, and crashes into an enemy bomber*
Sean: Only 47 left. *Shoots the back of one of the bombers until smoke starts to appear*
Nazi 34: *Losing altitude, and crashes into the ground. The plane continues to move, until it goes into a lake*
Wind: *Shoots down two bombers*
Nazis: We're dropping like flies! Where are you?
Eggman: Calm down, and continue to your destination. I will be there soon.
Metal Sonic: I will teach that grey hedgehog who he's messing with.
Twilight: And I'm gonna get revenge on my former friends. Friendship ain't magic anymore nigga!!!!!!!!
Metal Sonic: Seriously. Why did Ты let her Присоединиться us again?
Eggman: She's much еще powerful than you, despite her constant annoying rants. Get your machine Оружие ready, I'm going to start shooting down the enemies. *Shoots down Master Sword, and two еще ponies*
Master Sword: *Going down with the other two ponies*

Stop the song

радуга Dash: Master Sword, Ты three okay?
Master Sword: Only one of us died, and I'm just glad it's not me.
Eggman: We will keep shooting down the enemy pilots until we find Sean. He is our вверх priority.
Metal Sonic: Yes doctor.
Sean: *Passing under the bombers, goes up, and turns around once he gets over them, and shoots at all of them as they pass under him*
Nazi: How the hell is he doing that?!
Eggman: I see him, above our bombers.
Twilight: *Aims his machine gun, and fires at Sean*
Sean: *Takes a few hits, and looks to his right* Eggman. *Turns around, and follows Eggman*
Twilight: Yo! We're being followed!!
Eggman: Then shoot him!
Metal Sonic: We're trying to aim at him, but our Оружие aren't going far enough!
Sean: *Shoots Eggman's plane*
Eggman: *Turns right*
Sean: *Follows*
Metal Sonic: Almost there.
Sean: *Fires еще bullets*

They were now flying in circles.

Sean: Эй, Dash, give me a hand with Eggman.
радуга Dash: On my way. *Turns around, and flies towards the battle*
Metal Sonic: *Fires the 50 caliber machine gun* He's still too far to the right!
Twilight: I can't even see him!!
Eggman: *Sees several bullets hit the window of the cockpit* Where did those come from? *Looks left, and sees радуга Dash* Another enemy, 9' O Clock.
Twilight: *Spots радуга Dash, and shoots at her*
радуга Dash: I'm taking heavy damage. *Goes down under the plane*
Sean: Stay behind me.
радуга Dash: *Gets behind Sean*
Sean: *Continues to огонь еще bullets* I'm going to run out of ammo soon. How much do Ты have?
радуга Dash: Plenty to shoot down this son of a bitch.
Sean: How about it? *Turns to the right to get еще ammo for his plane*
радуга Dash: *Fires еще bullets at Eggman* He must have thick armor или something, because he's taken a lot of damage, and isn't going down yet. *Goes up to gain altitude, then goes down, and fires bullets at the cockpit*
Eggman: *Nearly getting shot, but tilts the plane clockwise*
Metal Sonic: *Shoots радуга Dash's plane*
радуга Dash: Ah! *Sees smoke coming from her plane* I'm going down!!
Sean: *Looks at радуга Dash* That asshole's gonna pay when I get him.
Eggman: *Following Sean*
Sean: I gotta lose him. *Goes up towards the clouds*
Eggman: You're not gonna get any cover from up there. *Shoots Sean's plane*
Sean: *His plane stops working* Shit, I almost made it. *Gets his parachute, jumps out, and lands on the wing of Eggman's plane* This isn't what I had in mind.

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e60TZ-s3_ZU

Eggman: *Starts to go down*
Sean: *Holding on*
Twilight: *Shoots off Sean's parachute*
Sean: *Goes towards Twilight, and grabs the gun*
Twilight: *About to огонь еще bullets*
Sean: *Takes the gun out of her grasp*
Twilight: Yo, let me have your gun!
Metal Sonic: Why?
Twilight: Man, it's a fuckin' emergency!!
Sean: *Shoots Twilight, and Metal Sonic*
Eggman: *Flying towards the пони Alliance as they continue to fight his bombers* I only have fifteen left. Let me help them finish off those pesky ponies.
Sean: *The plane is going too fast for him, and he falls off, landing on a tree* I'm not finished yet. *Shoots Eggman's plane with the gun he took from Twilight*
Eggman: *Losing altitude in his plane* My engines have failed! I'll make that grey hedgehog regret this, one way или another!!

Stop the song

Sean: *Climbs down the tree*
радуга Dash: *Flies towards Sean* Hey.
Sean: You're okay.
радуга Dash: I heard on the radio that we took down all of those bombers.
Sean: I think I may have defeated Eggman. I don't know yet. I shot his plane a bunch of times with this machine gun, and I saw him lose altitude.
радуга Dash: *Hugs Sean, and kisses him*
Sean: And you're raising my altitude. *Kisses her*

As they continued to kiss, Wind and the other pilots of the пони Alliance flew over them.

The End
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